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Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday and we are all still alive :)

Got a phone call 8am that the maintenance guys should be over to do all the work and we would have an inspection on Friday.
I had plans ALL day... a lunch date with a friend, a morning chat with a neighbor who is needing my impute, an IEP meeting for the Thunderous One, and a Pizza and Math night with the youngest class for dinner!
Make calls and rearrange all I can...
Kids all very upset we don't go to Pizza and Math night, grudgingly attempt to clean their rooms...
the maintenance guys and landlord NEVER show! No call either!
I called him twice and left unhappy messages.
So mad can't talk without yelling by this point so I called (going over the Landlords head) and reschedule the inspection, no problem they tell me, it works better for them this way.
Can't recall what I forced everyone to eat for dinner, must have bee terrible.

Kids still upset about last night but we have big plans tonight!
Movie and Pizza to kick off FALL CLEANING WEEKEND (everyone does better if you give it fun names, like "destroy the kitchen" is always a hit, oh that means they make dinner). My Love felt so bad about missing the Math and Pizza night that he has made a deal with the kids that if we can get everything on our part taken care, they work hard, and no major fights, then he will take everyone OUT to a Movie! This is Huge as we usually only go to the movies once a year and we had been to see Indian Jones this year. The kids are thrilled! We have no tv so have No IDEA what will be in the theaters, but small details like that really are insignificant. They want to rent Gremlins 2 and get Papa Murphy's... they already know what pizza's they want.

The Maintenance guys show up and start strong... only to leave for a break and never return once they find out that I rescheduled the inspection! AM SO MAD!
We run over on grocery shopping so in our hurry to get to the feed store, only to find that a rancher has bought out the feed we need, we forget to get pizza and can't find Gremlins2, we see alot of the movies that where in the previews and movie posters when we saw Indiana Jones are out on DVD, we pick The Golden Compass.
So we have Hot Dogs and a movie. Everyone is excited to get the house fixed.
The only thing the Maintenance men had managed to do was kill a fish and cause major chaos, the kids are not taking the disruption to the house well, neither is My Love.
Yes, I am skipping ALOT! If I was to go into it my back would start to spaz out again!

Eldest hates men, really. She can't handle being around them unless accompanied by Mom or Dad. I soon have to leave the house because of the dust and stuff in the air, she follows. Soon Thunderous One is outside with us. Eldest is muttering about what stupid people they are and Thunderous One and Youngest have their feelings hurt as they were told to go outside because the maintenance guys don't like kids "on the work sight". My Love goes off on them pointing out that they had over a month to do this, it could have been done while the kids were at school, and it is their house!
I love My man! I think I had said most of what he had said when I was venting earlier.

Okay, I can see a rapid spiral taking place... Eldest muttering and destroying of sticks is getting more intense, Thunderous One is starting to withdraw and lock down, and Youngest is stealingcheese sticks from the house and feeding them to the cats and goose! First things first, a snack! What else? We get the cheese stick instead of the cats and goose, the goose is disapointed.
Everyone is a bit better after the snack.
So I challenge them to earn money. Money? Eldest is intently interested, Thunderous One making eye contact... these two like money. Youngest:"I'll think about it."
SO here's the contest I will hold this trash bag, you each pick a spot in the yard. You have to bring me one piece of trash for every year old you are. First one to me gets some money. After convincing them it will not be $100 we start!
On your mark, get set, GO!
I can't tell you how well this worked! THEY ALL DID IT! They was laughter as someones area was cleaned out and they ran around like crazy to find a new place, a lively debate on whither feathers count as trash, bonuses for glass and big pieces of trash. I have never seen then work so hard so quickly! I lost track of how many rounds we did! It was a blast, the neighbor kids were jealous at all the fun we were having picking up that they tried to do it to their yard. It wasn't as fun, they got in a fight and their mom yelled.
We filled 3 trash bags, raked an area clear for the new shed to be build, and Eldest hauled off all the old hoses! It was great, she had just enough direction she wasn't lost, the instructions were simple so she didn't get confused, and she was able to creatively accomplish her task... and best of all she earned enough money that she will be able to get snacks at the movie! They all did, though the Youngest was content to only earn enough for a pop, not materialistic that one.

The maintenance guys leave for lunch (and still haven't come back)
So we head inside. The kids help dad finish, they hammer in the nails on the carpet strips, and Eldest used her artistic ability to lay out some of the title.
But we make little head way on the bedroom. It seems anytime I clean in there and leave asking them to continue with something they undo everything that was done! It was so frustrating. We asked the girls to separate the laundry in colors and whites... come back and Eldest is under the bed cleaning it out and the Youngest is ... I don't know what she was doing, she had on fangs and her wolf ears and seemed to have somehow gotten herself barricaded in a corner. Reset them to task, return Eldest arranging stuffed animals and Youngest locked in the bathroom. I give up!

My Love tries. Eldest loves to 'clear paths' so he asks her to clear a path to the window, so we can put in the storm windows. Strangely enough they cleared a path to a different location, and their brother helped, so My Love and Thunderous One remove some broken doors that they cleared the path too. Finally a path is cleared to the window, we put the windows in. Eldest keeps coming and asking me to stay in there room. I finally go. She explains she can't work unless I am right there, she doesn't know what to do unless I stand there and tell her. I am really surprised that she has figured this out on her own! I had just recently came to the same conclusion, but was in a project of my own so I hadn't been able to act on it. So for the next hour I stand in the doorway and one piece at a time tell her what to pick up. It really isn't as easy as it sounds, you see my words for things are not always her words. Like, pick up the book, it's not a book to her it's a notebook or folder or something else. Also, once you pick something up you have the sometimes excruciating task of finding its 'home'. She had to put everything in a home, she wanted to put just about everything on her desk, she would clean that last... I had to take a few breaks so I didn't start yelling in frustration.
Finally we must go to bed! it's 9:30 and she has school the next day (she has decided she wants to earn perfect attendance, we are supporting that whole heartedly) but she doesn't want to stop! Youngest has climbed into bed crying, she is exhausted. I shut the light off. Eldest finally, stops and gets ready for bed. I heard her talking in her sleep for a few hours in the early night, but this morning she seems like she slept well. She makes a card for her bus drive while the other 2 are herded out the door. She asks me to come to the bus stop with her. So I do. No big revelations, she just is very chatty today.

So I learned something this weekend. Her mind runs too fast for her to do any task that has more actions then 2 (pick up, throw away) unless she has constant support. Being the support is harder then I thought. Just deciding what to pick up and find a home for next was too overwhelming. I also learned that if she has the support she can sometimes see what she needs and I need to listen to that.

She mentioned glasses a few times, we still haven't been able to afford then yet. That is next on the list. I think she will feel good when she gets them.

I have My work to do now, as the maintenance men never came back, and My Love finished ALL their work (except the outside). I have a great deal of cleaning to do before the inspection... oh I called and rescheduled it again.. but have told no one!

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