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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Of Cars and Angels

On Saturday My Love and I embarked on The Quest for the New Car! Oh and let me clarify I call all motorized ground transport with doors a car. I prefer to dedicate the brain cells that would otherwise be employed to differentiate and distinguish and discuss accurately the 'correct' names and terms of said vehicles to other rather more pertinent matters.
Drives the boys crazy, too! *evil grin*

A Friend drove us around town, all the while expounding on the idea that we really would be better off going to the city, more selection, more deals, yada yada... Nice guy, though. My Love had found a very nice Ford Explorer, it was even forest green and had leather seats! You know how I love green! and Leather? Oh what a perfect combo! Except the whole uses as much gas as a small country thing. LOL! WE decided that would be a last resort. If every other car place in town had nothing that worked then we'd go back for it.
WE went to about 3 places and then as we drove by another I told them to go back for I had seen what we were looking for! I had spoken, therefore we went back.
My criteria was rather a short list. Not white. That's it. My Love wanted a Mini van with decent gas mileage. Now that is kinda a problem, the fox had better gas mileage the anything we had ever heard of! We made it to Denver and back on half a tank of gas! So to tell you the truth I have no idea what is considered good gas mileage now. Also he wanted captains chairs, that makes no sense! It's a car not a ship! and really, how how can you have more then one captain? (no I'm not being serious :P) and a cd player...I'm sure My Love had other criteria he had in mind but wasn't sharing, he gets very introverted in times of stress...which mean always.
We pulled up and lined up all nice an neat were 5 minivans of various makes and models and years and a traveling van, that's the one that caught My Loves eye. I being how I am, and not really caring if there is a protocol, got out of the car and walked right over to the vans...leaving the boys standing by the car saying, "Are we supposed to check in with the office first?" I figured we're on a used car lot it should take all of 2mins (the country being slower then the city and all) for the sales men to converge like sharks scenting blood. Sorry to say I was right. Less then 2 mins and the general manager was by our side answering questions.
After questions and answers we had it narrowed to 2 vans..both white. A test drive and we made or choice. So after loads of paper work we drove our new car home.
Now for me to try and convey my...feelings about this car... this should be interesting.
You see My car is a '84 Subaru stationwagon. My car died a year ago (at least it feels like it). I really loved that car. Yes, shifting into 3rd was hard cuz of my arm, but it had loads of room to haul hay, yup I could get 3 bales in it, yes I said in. I could haul enough firewood in one load with the kids in the back to heat the house for 3 days and I could haul the whole family and enough groceries for a month... and it wasn't white. It was silver, in fact her name is Silver Wing (I named my bird rescue after my car). She was unique. Yes, her parts are expensive new and the junk yards laugh, actually laugh, when I call looking for her parts... but I loved that car.
Now I have this big white minivan, a '04 Chevy Venture. It has power everything. the radio can tell me what song is playing and the doors open on remote control! I am so cautious about it! It has a computer chip brain and I can't drive in it without having scenes from Maximum Overdrive go thru my head! I keep trying to slam the sliding door shut, which it really dislikes me doing and makes noises to show it hates me! I don't have anything against technology, I just get along okay without it. Of course I am open minded (in a stubborn way) so I may change my mind. Today I get to have some bonding time with it as I need to take Eldest to the Doctor... I made My Love PROMISE to paint a few things on it so it wouldn't be white...and look like every other car I see! I may have been seduced into getting a minivan but I refuse to conform! :P
Great just realized... Monster wants to take soccer. Does this mean I'll end up a Soccer Mom in a mini van getting drive thru that you hear about on the 'average' description! NO!!!!

Okay I'm being dramatic and silly. It's allowed, cuz I said so.

Oh one redeeming quality, and why I pick it, cuz yes I had the final say on which car we got. It seats 8. All the others seated 7. I like the option of being able to take along more people. Opens doors on activities and friends.

So we had our new car and were heading home. We really needed to go to the store but we decided to go get the kids and take them with us. I think My Love wanted to show off the car to them. :)
As we rounded one of several curves in the road the mesa beside out house came into view and I pointed out to My Love the smoke that was raising up over it, "That's not right! That can't be a good thing." we said. The next cure brought us around the mesa and in sight of our house. What we saw is one of the many nightmares that swim before a parents mindeye as they worry about life... Fire trucks, the sheriffs... and flames... lots of flames, blackened ground and smoke billowing toward the clear blue sky!
The back field was on fire!

I didn't wait for the car to stop before I was out and rushing up the stairs... I could care less about the sheriffs who where talking to my neighbors, or anyone else! The front door was unlocked! That was not right... tv on but no one in the living seemed so empty... I yelled for the kids and we about ran into each other as they came out of the kitchen and I ran into it. They each had a plate of french fries and had been watching the fire together at the kitchen window!

The story goes that one of them had seen the neighbor boy looking in our mailbox so all three had rushed out to get the mail so he couldn't steal it, this is a problem we are having. Then they saw the neighbor kids all playing out back and one had a lighter. Our kids had a movie they wanted to watch, BraveStarr had come! So they were inside. Eldest, being in charge, decided to make french fries and sandwiches for lunch. So she was in the kitchen. Thunderous One came in to bug her cuz he was hungry...but saw something odd outside so went to look out the window.

The neighbors say their kids lite a pile of trash on fire and then went inside. I don't know how long it was before someone saw the fire. But our neighbor about 1/2 a mile away heard the call on his scanner and walked up, saw the fire and opened the fence before the Hellfighters got here.
I can't imagine what that must have been like for them! To look out the window and see nothing but flames and smoke! I do know that Eldest has been having some new issues since then and Thunderous One wont play in the back now...
Eldest kept the kids together and before they could call 911 the Hellfighters had already shown up!
It took hours to get it all contained and all the hot spots and smoldering to stop.Then we looked out back to see the damage and were met with a very odd sight.

You see, we live kinda in between two small mesas. The wind comes roaring down out of the valley between them, across the field, and hits the back of our house, hard. We just had to replace the kitchen windows and a bedrooms windows because a wind storm had knocked them both out. So the wind blows toward our house.

The chard and blackened earth covers about an acre and a half, all the grass and sage brush that once was there is nothing but ash. I haven't walked it yet so I'm not positive how far back it goes. But here's what has us in ... awe..
There is a line, almost straight that is even with our fence..if you drew a line from the fence between our house and theirs back across the field you would find it lined up with where the fire burned.
None of the fire came to our side, none came at our house.
Some how the wind changed directions...or something... and the fire burned away from all the homes and toward the mesa.
My kids where not home alone that day.
I don't think they ever are.

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