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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Only Time

Today's theme song is Enya

It's been very busy around here this week!
Last night was My Love's birthday. I made a cake... that was funny! I had planed to make a cake shaped like a football. I had it all worked out and was excited to try, he went to the store with me and got the cake mix, *gasp* I know it just gets worse... and his favorite icing, whipped cream cheese, and the stuff for his birthday dinner. We have a tradition of Birthday person gets to pick anything they want for dinner on their birthday. His menu... oven fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, corn, and ranch rolls.
What he actually got ...

He called at about 11 and wanted me to ready to go with him to run errands as soon as he got home, which means I needed to have diner ready to put in the oven before 2. But I was in the middle of my work so I couldn't start till after 1. LOL!

You have to love days like that, they just test you to see what you are capable of :)

So I mixed up his cake...oh the CAKE! Remember how I said I wanted to make him a football shaped cake? We'll... he didn't want that...
or the jersey...
or the DeathStarr...
or any idea I came up with.
Do you know what he wanted?

Once I say it those who know My Love will laugh, because it is SO him...

He wanted a chocolate cake (from a mix! the horror!) with white frosting... A Square cake with white frosting.
I don't know if I have a square pan!
What about sprinkles?
How about icing using the #16 star tip?
No, smooth.
No shape? No color? No taste? No texture? Who
are you, the Thunderous one? But this is for My Love... so I do it.

I find a square glass casserole dish thing and use it. The cake is in the oven! So, I do the dishes while planning the next steps. Which is where I hit a snag, dang it! R2 died a few days ago so I can't make ranch rolls! Without R2 I need more time then I have, I shall morn R2's passing in another post... I'm still distraught. I decide, well we are running out so I guess I can pick up some rolls...*sob*... and reheat them... okay next step. Pork chops. Need to cut the pork Chops as we buy the big lions when they are on sale, buy one get one free love that! Run into the usually issues of the knife not sharp, sharpen. End up cutting more chops then planned so there are seconds, it's a birthday dinner after all.
Mushroom gravy. Where are the mushroom? I had bought quite a few, I know I did! Turns out the other night when he made dinner he used them all ...ALL. I couldn't believe it! Of course I had no Cream of Mushroom soup on hand, had used it as well in another meal. Fine. Not Mushroom Gravy, just gravy. Oh look! It matches his just square cake!
Corn. oops grabbed the wrong can... he likes creamed corn right? Yes. Oh good! I planned it that way...sure.

Before I'm done he is home! What? Apparently time moves fast when you have a dead line... yes I know that, but I had hoped...

As soon as he gets home, and I really do mean as soon as, we were still hugging when the phone stated ringing! It didn't stop for almost an hour (lucky me :)) It was just friends and co workers calling to wish him a happy birthday. So I finished up the cake, set it to cool and toasted some bread in the oven for the coating (yeah, we don't have a toaster... that would be practical and easy) We end up not going to run the errands, which is fine :)

When the kids got home they all wanted to help decorate the cake and all were stunned that Dad wanted a plain white cake! What on earth was the point of a plain cake? What about them? They needed something to decorate! Come on! It was a birthday! What was he thinking!?
"Only crazy people want square white cakes!" the Eldest said in shock over and over through out the evening.

Since they couldn't help decorate the oddest cake they had ever seen I put them to work helping with dinner, I must say I am impressed with how quickly and quietly the Thunderous One managed to disappear.
The Eldest cleared the table (so she could keep an eye on her dad) and when he wasn't looking (she wasn't really very sneaky about it either, he was wondering why she kept looking at him) she hung up a huge poster banner she had made. It says "Super Happy Birthday Steelers DAD" and she drew a terrible towel and a picture of him in a Steelers away jersey with the number 38 on it. He loved it! Actually, everyone did.

It was a nice dinner, everyone had too much to eat and had fun singing Happy Birthday to DAD. I had to send the kids outside to run off the cake energy, and then when they got back in they tricked Dad into letting them have another piece! My Love is far to easy *sigh*

I am behind, gee are we surprised? Eldest went to her first school dance and tonight we girls have a Mother Daughter Dinner to go to, can't forget parent teacher conferences with the Eldest being tonight before the Dinner and the other 2 tomorrow. Early release today (Thunderous one home 'sick') Half day tomorrow and no school Friday... but maybe a date! Wahwhooo!
I'll write about it all as soon as I can...if I don't forget.

and will someone please tell me why to-mar-row is spelled with no A's!?!


Jessica G. said...

Dang! Busy day! Seems like our men both have a soft spot for mushroom pork chops and boring cakes.

Tomorrow is spelled properly. You just talk funny. :P

Tipi said...

Is not!
You spell funny! :P