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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Testing, testing one-two-three...

VERY busy days ahead!
Today one makeup parent teacher conference, a frig and dishwasher delivered...but first...

That's the fun thin about Doctor visits, at least at our house, they are followed up with tests. So today I get the car again...yay?
Eldest is scheduled for an EEG and EKG and a full battery of blood work. So she misses more school today. *sigh* well it easily could be worse, so I wont complain. Well, too much anyway.

It's funny, I will have to read back up on EEG's because suddenly the only definition I can think of for them is how they are used to discover and chart Extra Sensory Perceptions, or Talents as they are called, in Anne McCaffrey's books!
Somehow I don't think they are looking for that on Eldest...

Speaking of books, I was disappointed with my library visit, but check out my reading list...
Thought I should keep track of what I'm reading.

Last night she went to a Halloween party and tonight the whole family has another one. and for the first time in about 3 years of teaching, not enough kids singed up for My Love's art class, so he wont be teaching it this semester. So when I have time I'll write about all that as well.

Got more to do then hours in a week, so in honor Mr. Hillerman... Walk in Beauty!

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