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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Theme Song

I usually have a theme song of the day or week, the last song I posted still applies, but when I heard this this morning I was "OH that is SO what is going on right now!"
I'll share it with you in a bit, but first...

Quick update on Eldest...
We have been intently working on her bedroom so she has a place to be calm. She tired to build a fort in the corner so she had a quiet place to go. That doesn't fly when you're 12 and share a room. So we put sheets up like curtains around her bed, not hard , she's on the bottom bunk.

She is a little more stable, but I notice if I don't stand there she doesn't take her pills. She is eating and sleeping better and that helps, after school is still that hardest time of day for her.

She made an observation while we cleaned and
decluttered this week... after finding yet another item that had a story attached to it that had "You broke it..." in the telling.
She said "I sure do destroy
alot of things. I wonder if I can ever stop?" That made my heart cry.

She hadn't been talking in her sleep for days which is a good sign, but now I am a little worried, she woke up with scratches on her face. Not terribly bad, but still I worry about her sleep. She said she couldn't remember her dreams, usually she can and they are so vivid she has a hard time excepting they aren't real.

Must go, lots to do...
I leave you with this song....

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