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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Work in Progress

Yeah... not going so well.
She is not liking all this managing of her life...
we are hearing alot of "My friends don't..."
Still is avoiding the medications as they make her stomach upset... I think if we change it to with a meal or before bed that will help. I've been spiking the food heavily enough that My Love offered to make dinner so I couldn't slip any more in :)

AND there is alot of repairs being done on the place (FINALLY!!!! Windows, floors, bathroom..)
so that is upsetting everyone's scheduled and mood. Did I mention they don't do well with change of any kind?
My Love also went and 'cleaned' the girls room. They are still thrown off by that.
Add to all that that we have decided to find the Ninja Injun Pony a new home and you have more Chaos then the Chaos Theory can survive.

I will get a better post up soon... probably Monday LOL!

Till then... I may need to invest in some serious chocolate reserves... so much for all the weight I lost ;)

Oh yay maintenance men here...

wish us...
Luck? Peace?

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