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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Gentleman's Sport?

In our house it's more like a full contact sport!
What am I talking about?

Chess, the sport of Kings.

This morning (and last night) has been spent playing full contact chess.
You should here the crowd!
No silent observers and polite applause here, were talking full out victory dances and high fives when someone makes a good move. There loads of Emeril style "BAM!" and Queen's "We will rock you". We have cheer leaders and rabid fans! Oh and backseat drives and arm chair quarterbacks.

It must be because these are big football fans. I get the fun job of referee. When they are arguing over if it's check or if a move is legal MOM gets called in... I just need the striped shirt and whistle..."After farther review the call on the field stands. (crowd groans and cheers) The Knight was able to take the Bishop." and seriously I do need the whistle, you have no idea how loud it gets.

Some games are fast and furious pieces flying off the board, no time for smack talk, all action till in a blur someone is reeling from check just as their own plan fell into place...and other games are slow methodical move matched by move careful consideration, jeers and plays called from the onlookers.

The best part is when you catch Thunderous One cheating. He is always changing the rules. Just now he had to explain how both of his bishops where on the same color, several moves were back tracked. That's okay because My Love was sure he had someone in check because he was playing a pawn as a bishop... that's the fun of the fast and furious game.

I am really impressed by Monsters skill in chess. She matches your style unconsciously. The last 2 games I played with her she was one move from checkmating me, but I was able to cunningly get her king first! MaWAHAhahaha! Hey, I'm new at this, I'm not ashamed a 8 year old can kick my but on the board.

Just now Eldest (who is the newest player) suddenly said with dawning realization, "Oh! your trying to lure me in!" My Love is playing each of the kids this morning. He decimated Thunderous and stumbled before getting Monster in Check Mate.

We have been playing alot of Chess and other games since we don't have TV. It's been really fun! The kids play out side and do things that take imagination. Thunderous and Monster have joined the Chess team at their school to our surprise! I'm thinking we may need a studier chess set though! This full contact game is hard on pieces!

My Little Brother (I think) sent Thunderous a chess set and so we looked on the Internet and learned the basic moves. We haven't gone on to the special moves or serious play. I couldn't tell you what a Sicilian Opening is or if the move called the Great Wall of China that the kids showed me is even real... but so far we are having fun!

ummm... maybe I should rethink that...
I just got challenged by My Love... he's about to extract revenge for all the games I beat him at (which is every single one we play)

wish me luck!

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Jessica G. said...

I had a guy teach me to play chess. Imagine his surprise when I asked "Is this a checkmate or just a check?" He never underestimated me again. (and he never offered to play chess with me again.)