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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Monster's Cookies

It is the monsters birthday tomorrow, which means today she gets to bring a snack to school for the class. This is the only time the snack is allowed to be cookies or cupcakes. So we made Owl Face Cookies! I know, I should have mixed up the dough while they were at school and then had her help put the faces on, but I wanted to cook with her. I didn't get to teach them how to make a pie crust, so I was teaching them Owl Face Cookies no matter what.
As usual it didn't go as planned, or rather envisioned.
Monster had forgotten her math homework last night, so was suppose to stay in at lunch recess to finish it... she couldn't hid the bragging in her voice as she explained to me how she was too fast and got out the door to recess before her teacher could 'remind' her to stay in. So she had to do it tonight alone with tonight's homework. So with a sad heart I told her she couldn't help with the cookies till it was done. I just walked away from the falling on the floor crying. Mom is mean that way. She got enough done that she got to help me measure the shorting and peanut butter and ask a billion questions.
  • " Why do we use crunchy peanut butter?"
  • "Because that what the recipe calls for, and it's my favorite."
  • "Why do you change the beaters?"
  • "Because the dough is too heavy for the beaters we use the bread ones now."
  • "Why are boys aliens?"
  • "Because they are from Mars."
  • "Are you supposed to add that?
  • "Yes."
  • "But oatmeal triggers my gag reflex."
  • "It wont when it's in cookies."
  • "We'll see."
We split the dough and added the coco powder to one half. Monster made the mistake of tasting the powder. I had to convince her first she wasn't going to die, and second I wasn't poisoning her class. Oh and try to keep a straight face while doing it. I had warned her when I let her measure out the coco powder to be careful and not taste the powder, that it wasn't good.
We rolled out the chocolate dough in to 8 inch square. She tried to find a ruler to be sure we had it perfect. She was too excited to find one. I was too amused to point out that she had walk pass it at least twice. We made due with out it. As well rolled the peanut dough inside the chocolate dough she excitedly commented on how it looked like sushi! We were making cookie sushi! She was a good helper. The dough had to chill for an hour and it was bedtime so I had to finish them alone.
I like making cookies at night. It quite, no distractions, few interruptions... except when My Love comes in 3 times to "See how it's going. Do you want me to test anything?" I will make them again because I really like making the faces, I want the kids to get to make the faces. I had accidentally grabbed a bag of jumbo chocolate chips, they were on sale and I had a coupon, Score!
They turned out to be the BEST eyes! So everyone go and change you Owl Face Cookie recipe to Jumbo Chocolate Chips! I added peanuts for the beak and put them in the oven. Unfortunately about half way through shaping the ears I started to hurt. By the time I had put the first batch in the oven I could hardly stand. So as soon as I put them in I had to sit down. While sitting and hurting I started to worry. I don't think the dough felt right, the taste was a little off, I didn't add salt, should there have been salt? So by the time I had the second batch baked, I was in a full blown anxiety attack and the pain was enough I could hardly crawl into bed. My Love tells me when the pain gets bad or the weakness hits I am allowed to stop. But if I do that, if I always give in to this disease, it will win, so I can't.
So I am paying for it today.
But this morning, after having really strange dreams last night, I let Monster taste test the cookies. She declared, "My class is going to love these!" That was enough for me. Of course she then ate it's eyes off and gave the rest of it to me. Eldest laughed, she only eats the eyes off of them too. She doesn't like them, not sweet enough. Darn healthy cookies!

Today I have declared Domestic Day and will be ignoring the winter protest and anything else this disease throws at me and get some neglected house work done.
My Love and I plan to watch a movie together tonight. Hold hands, snuggle, share popcorn.. icky romantic things like that. Yeah it will be in the living room and the kids will be there too, probably making gagging nosies when we kiss, but it's a date to me! :P


Jessica G. said...

I am so disappointed that I didn't make owl cookies this year!

Does it count that I think I still have some of the dough left in the freezer from last year? :)

Oh and I had a dream last night about the Mother in my story...interesting stuff.

This Guy said...

If I don't have a chance to tell her myself, Tell Eldest that I am very proud of her. Not only for standing up for her patriotism and the sacrifices of my coworkers, but also for negotiating a compromise with her mother.