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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ninja Injun Pony Gets A Job

As I said in my last post I have been looking for paid work. So now I am jealous, of a horse.

Earlier this week I had a lady I have been talking to about The Ninja Pony stop by. She runs the local hypotherapy and has expanded into horse rescue as well. We have known her for about 6 years, maybe longer, as I started taking the kids out for therapy years ago! They put up with all our 'issues' so we got to know the staff rather well in those years.

Awhile back we decided that we needed to relocate Ninja Pony. We were facing a very uncertain future and didn't know if we would still have a place to keep him. Amazingly enough not every rental allows horses, shocking I know. After careful consideration and review, we decided it would be in his best interest if we found him a new situation. He is a 20 year old golden palomino, he's also 17 hands high (in horse language that means big, really big). Being so old we had to be careful that he was put in the right kind of home. We know he has years of life and activity left, but there are those who would want to sell him to a slaughter house to make a buck. So I called our old friend and asked if she either had an opening for a therapy horse or could suggest something. After a month of talking, checking leads, and visits she came by this week to let me know she had a place for him.
She has a woman who recently moved here (from her that means within the last 5 years) and had just been certified to become one of her horse rehabilitation/ foster homes. But they needed to train her and she wanted a horse permanently at that location. So our big brute gets a dream job! He will be leaving before Thanksgiving to start his new work. He will get full dental and veterinary coverage. He will also get acupuncture and massage therapy! Not to mention room and board. The first part will be her learning how to rehabilitate horse by learning on him, they will be treating his arthritis. Then he will be the permanent horse. All new horses will look to him for direction on whether this person can be trusted, where the water is and when the food comes. It is really important that he trust the lady so the other horses will learn it's okay to trust humans again. He is very big but also very gentle, so they feel he is perfect for this. The lady met him and loves him and wants to spoil him like mad! We had to tell her he doesn't like carrots, but will go thru a fence for sweetcorn or pears!
We feel very bitter sweet about this. We will miss him, he is very much a part of the family as can be seen in our art! He is in the stories we have written, the pictures taken and drawn, in comic book sketches, internet posts... and he is Thunderous One's Best Friend.
When we told them all his reaction was the one we most worried about. He was sad, very sad. But he said, "I think this is for the best. He'll have a good job he will like and no bad neighbors to harass him."
That about sums it up... a good life and no harassment. I am jealous though... I want massage therapy as my job benefit!

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