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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

s ca tt e r e d

I'm really scattered today! I keep forgetting things, like what I'm doing...or what I had planned to write today. It's starting to get on my nerves. grrrrr!

Can't find an actually song that captures my mood or state of mind today... ahhh.. just had an idea!

Yup. That about sums it up :)

Since I can't recall what I was going to say I'll just ramble, I have a talent for that.
Today Eldest is getting a retest on her EEG and EKG. She couldn't stop moving, whispering, whistling, tapping her toes... during the test last week. The lady didn't really have a great bed side manner to begin with, very serious person. The lady in the blood lab was great, she was nice and when Eldest said she was shaky got her a juice and cookie. Eldest hates needles in her arms, loves to watch others get their blood taken, just don't come near her. The lady was patient and Eldest did great! I didn't have to hold her hand and talk her through it like I had the day before at the doctors while she got a flu shot. She remembered to breathe and got alot of stickers for doing such a good job!
Now today I hope she will just stay calm and pretend to take a nap. I wont be staying into the room with her this time, I don't want to be a distraction (and I can use the time to read or work on my NaMoWriMo!). I stayed with her last time because she was so nervous.
I also think now that she has an EMF sensitivity! She made a comment that made me think of it. So I talked to My Love and he has seen the symptoms as well. So we will be sure to move any clocks away from her bed to help her sleep well... dang it! I just realized this computer is on the other side of the wall from her bed! I don't know if it is getting through the wall... I really need an EMF detector!
One of these days when we finally get to buy our own house I will probably make some poor home owner go crazy as I walk through their house looking for unshielded wires and breaker boxes with my handy EMF detector. Yeah they might find ghosts as well, but I need one for practical purposes! Like to take to Wal-mart and measure the area around the cash registers to prove or dispel my theory that Wal-Mart Checkouts are a Fear cage!
and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you just haven't talked to me enough :P

This weekend is the Monsters Birthday! I will be making Owl Cookies for her to take to school as the treat on Friday. My Love for some reason is really excited about me making Owl Cookies. Maybe cuz it's something I do every year, infact though I LOVE Owl Cookies I wont make them except for in the fall. I want to keep them speacial. That's why my kids don't think the Thanksgiving turkey is so spectacular, I make turkey all year long. I haven't this year and everyone is asking for one, so this Thanksgiving aught to be special :)

Halloween was fun! The weather was nice! I thought that was against the law or something. We had Thunderous' best friend with us he stayed the night. He hates when his parents drink so he comes to our house anytime they are planing a party. We don't mind. He was shocked how far we have to walk for such a small amount of candy! Most people take their kids into town and go to a 'rich' neighborhood. I'm old fashion, we make our own costumes and trick or treat in our neighborhood. I was thinking I may take them into town next year, just so they can get a year of the pillow case being full before they are 'too old' to trick or treat. I don't think there is suck a thing and all the neighbors around here know them so I doubt any would think it odd that they still trick or treat... I don't know.
We didn't get any trick or treaters at our house this year. Not one. Always makes me sad.
I must have been having anxiety or something because I keep waking up that night thinking someone was TPing the house. No one did :)
Eldest was a 'Biker Chick' she wore my old jacket and boots. I guess I'm a little put out that she wore an outfit I wore not to long ago and called it a costume!

Got to get ready for the appointments and store run!
Walk in Beauty!

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