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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving: the play by play report

Here we are at the most edible holiday: Thanksgiving!
this year will be a brand new adventure...and not by planning.
I woke up this morning to a bad fibro day. No big I'll do what I always do and just keep going. Silly silly in denial woman... that's me.
Instead of pain, I can do pain, pain was yesterday, it is weakness. I don't do weakness well
I went to pick up the turkey and couldn't.
Just couldn't.
It's a really odd sensation, and very frustrating, to be telling your body to do something and it telling you it is but somehow it's just not happening. *sigh* the turkey stayed where it was.
No problem, I thought, I just need breakfast.
After breakfast I tried to open the bag of stuffing... yeah tried. When did they start using titanium in packaging!?
Great. I had to face it, I'm not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. :(

My Love and I were talking and I don't recall what he said (sorry memory seems to be affected today as well) but what ever it was inspired me to ask if any one wanted to learn to cook a turkey. Eldest jumped, literally jumped, off the couch! She really wanted to learn how! My Love had spent the last week telling everyone he met how I make the best roast turkeys! Never had a dry one (glad he doesn't remember that on time) always so flavorful... So Eldest wanted to learn how I did it.
So now I had a set of hands and we started to cook. It felt awful strange to just direct, I'm a hands on person, but it was also very amusing!

First things first, we have a nice big real roasting pan, I love having a real roasting pan and not just one of those flimsy tinfoil jobs! It's so deep and sturdy! Did I mention I love it? It was one of the many useful things Sandy left me when she passed away this summer.
I just started pulling things out... but Eldest had other ideas. She was going to do this right! Which means cooking show :)
She amazed me by clearing off the stove and washing it first so we had plenty of space. Yeah my jaw hit the floor! This is the Inconsiderate Chief cleaning the kitchen BEFORE she starts! COOL!

We put some sliced onions and whole baby carrots in the bottom of the roasting pan... the baby carrots got Monsters attention and now we had another pair of hands. I directed her on some things to get like butter and a potatoe, while Eldest chopped some carrots and onions fine. Eldest commented on how considerate onions are, they grow already cut in one direction so you are saved a step! Aren't they thoughtful?
Monster got the stuffing in the microwave then went out to pick some wild sage.
Eldest added the fine chopped veggies to the stuffing (just realised we forgot the mushrooms darn it) and Monster stirred. When I told her not to stir it too much or it would smoosh the stuffing she said "I know" and pulled her fork out...looks like I was too late.
Eldest set about making the secret rub... it's not really a secret and every year I change it. She took 1/4 cup butter (real stuff thank you) some spices, salt and pepper and mixed it all together till it was spreadable. I don't know why but she used her hands to mix it. Very Tactile.
Every thing was set. We moved on to the Turkey. I thought it must have been huge since I couldn't pick it up, I feel silly now, it is only 15 lbs. She cut open the netting and then the bag. The instructions went something like this...
me- "Okay, now pour out the blood and throw the wrapper away."
"Blood?!" Thunderous and Monster come running in to see the gore.
Calmly and efficiently Eldest follows all the instructions.
Blood down the drain, wrappings in trash.
me-"Now rinse with cool water. Good. Now get under it's wings and rise the armpit well"
amid giggles the instructions are followed.
Monster- "Is that it's butt?"
Eldest- "No that where the neck was"
Monster- "Where's the neck now"
me- "In the other side."
Monster- "They cut off his head and stuck it in his butt?"
me- "Yes."
Monster stares at the bird.

me- "okay, now move all the skin and reach in the neck cavity. There should be a package of gizzards."
Monster-" What's a gizzard?"
Eldest- "The guts."
Monster- "it's guts are in it's neck?! Can I see!"
Thunderous hasn't said much and is standing across the kitchen, the guts are too much he leaves yelling over his shoulder, "The girls are tom boys, they like guts!"
reply, "So does that make you a girly girl?"
He goes to watch football, that's what manly men do.
Eldest set aside the gizzard package rinses out the area. She turns over the turkey.
Monster- "Is that it's butt?"
Eldest- "Duh."
me- "Okay, un hook the legs from the plastic thing and move the skin."
Monster- "Weird....WHAT is THAT?"
me- "it's the tail"
Monster- "WE EAT THE TAIL!?"
Eldest is holding the tail...looking between me and the hunk in her hand.
me- "no, we give it to the cats. But we need it to cover the stuffing."
both- "Ohh."
It's set by the gizzards.
Monster makes "iccky' nosies while Eldest tries to find the neck and then pulls it out. Thunderous snuck back in to see the neck. "That's the neck?"
me- "it's bent in half."
Thunderous- "Why? that's just wrong"
Eldest rises the inside of the turkey. then she moves it to the roasting pan. With gleeful abandon Monster and Eldest put the stuffing in the bird. Monster used a big spoon, Eldest her hands. I had to keep reminding them the stuffing goes IN the bird.
Now the fun part!
WE had made a paste with the herbs and butter. I showed them my trick. I pulled the skin up and showed them how to spreperate the skin from the meat. Eldest dived in with wild abandon! no squeamishness at all! Monster was shocked, but wanted to try too!
After she had loosened all the skin, and Monster had a try as well. Next she grabbed a handful of the butter and gleefully spread it under the skin. She laughed at Monster who spent the whole time crying, "This feels soo wrong! This is just wrong!" Eldest loved it!
Finally the turkey is put in the oven!
unfortunately I have to rest, yeah standing there telling them what to do was exhausting.
I'll up date you as the day goes on...we still have pie, side dishes, beans and mushroom caps!


It's beblem in the kitchen now!
My Love stated making his beans and everyone started on their side dish at the same time!

Turky being basted by Eldest "The gravy will be great! Look at thoses Turkey droppings!"
"umm it's drippings not droppings."


This Guy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Our Thanksgiving was not as involved. We did open some presents though since we will be gone before Christmas. It was a lot of fun seeing the boy open up his. He didn't want to rip the paper.

Jessica G. said...

Hope the turkey turned out as moist as your man expected. Ours was good, a little on the salty side due to a new brine recipe. Still...tasty good!