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Friday, November 7, 2008

Yesterdays fun: 3 times the fun?


Today at Eldest's School they are having an assembly to honor the Veterans. All the War Veterans in the area are invite. I don't know what they do during the Assembly because though we were invited last year, because we have an active duty family member, I couldn't go. This year I'll find out because I have a spy! I am so glad My Love works there :)
Eldest has a touch of me in her, it rather came out over this Assembly. You see they want all the kids in the school to dress nice for it. They specifically asked the boys to wear dress slacks or suits and the girls to wear dresses or skirts. They gave a speech to the class about how dressing up would show that they honor the sacrifice the Veterans had made for them. But Eldest had other ideas and told her teacher... She was planing to wear the fatigues that my brother had sent her.
You see My little brother is in the Air Force and over the summer had sent all my kids a full set of his uniform. They adore them! Thunderous One wore his almost everyday when school started and every Monday since, because when he wears them they make him brave and he can handle anything. Monster loves to wear hers, but I don't let her wear the pants to school, only around the house, which she does often. Eldest has never made a big deal about them, just quietly worn them on occasion. Apparently they mean allot to her because shy little Eldest told off a teacher over them!

She announced in class that she was going to wear her Uncles Fatigues. The teacher told her she had to dress nice so she had to wear a skirt. That wearing a skirt would honor the men and women that visit the school and fatigues wouldn't. She got insulted and mad (did I mention she is a bit like me? :) ) I don't know what words she used but she told the teacher something to the effect of, "Are you saying that wearing the very same clothes my Uncle wore while he fought in Afghanistan for OUR freedom would NOT honor him? Are you saying that the sacrifice HE made for you to be teaching us in a free country can't be shown in wearing his uniform? How is wearing a skirt going to show how I honor my Uncle? I want to honor him by wearing his Uniform, the one he wore while he dodged bullets for US!"
Whatever she said moved the teacher and her class, but in the end "Unless it's his dress uniform you can't wear it." She has been mad at the Authority at the school since they told her she couldn't do her Superhero project. This was the last straw I think... oh joy, another family member who has issues with authority.
Well, this morning when she got dressed she put on jeans and a t-shirt. If they wouldn't let her honor the Veterans in her way they she wasn't going to do it their way either. Seriously, where does she get that from? :P
As I kept the other two moving I did what any MOM would do, I guilted her into it (and only yelled a little).
You see the other two heard about the Veterans' Day Assembly and they wanted to honor the Vets as well, so they each were wearing some of Uncle's camo. They gave her a few choice words about needing to honor the Vets. For my part I mentioned how these people fought for her, missed their families for her, suffered and sacrificed... the lest she could do was wear a skirt for them...(mom guilt, ain't it fun) and we came up with some compromises.
  1. She would wear a skirt and nice blouse, but only till the Assembly was over, then she was putting on jeans, she'd keep the nice blouse on.
  2. She was going to wear the shirt as a jacket over her outfit, at least to school.
  3. On Tuesday she was wearing his full uniform and if they had a problem she was going to sue them!
Oh, and no heels, I tried and lost... We do have a gravel drive way after all and the walk to the bus is all gravel as well; that'd be great, have her sprain an ankle on the way to the bus. So she on her tennies. Kinda brought down the NICE aspect, oh well.


Eldest is failing science. We have been trying to get her to take an active role in getting that grade up, you know by doing silly things like asking to borrow the notes so she can correct her notebook, or be moved closer to the board so she can see, or bring her homework home. Just silly things parents think of to make life hard on kids.
She has been having nightmares about this teacher and every time I ask about her notebook she either forgot it or he hasn't handed it back yet. My Love and I have been staying up late talking about her, expressing our concerns to each other and trying to come up with plans that will help. We have finally had enough. I wont go into my WHY PUBLIC SCHOOLS SUCKS tirade, or at least try not to... But we have had enough. So I put my foot down: to her, the school and My Love. (I wish I had my moms foot down power, when she had had enough and put her foot down mountains would get up move out of her way and apologize. I've seen it.)
Foot Down:
If she gets one more F she will be home schooled. If the Public School can't met her needs then she will be removed from it.
She is devastated! Apparently Thunderous One has told his sisters stories about the horror that is Mom the Teacher.

I called her science teacher and talked to him at lunch. I must say it is rather disconcerting how surprised teachers are when you take an interest in your child's education and don't just smile and nod. After the conversation he will be getting the the notes she needs and will be sending home the work that is required for Saturday school, which she will be attending due to her F.
He was so confused that I wanted her to bring it home to work on were I could see her doing it, so I could see what she was doing, how she was doing, and be there to help. I also put in a call to her resource teacher and asked for a meeting. We need to have a plan in place that will help her to function and get her school work done and learn even when she is having a hard time with her bipolar (sorry don't know all the terms yet. for Autism I'd call it a manic cycle or just manic, I think manic is different in Bipolar, but maybe not...still learning) She hasn't called back yet, perhaps the science teacher warned her? They may work with My Love but they have to deal with Me.


One of the things that I am hoping will help is her glasses. Yes we finally got them! I had to decide not to pay the gas bill to afford them, but to me it is worth it.
My Love picked them up on the way home from work yesterday. She has rectangle frames and rhinestone accents on the part that goes to the ear. She wanted them to be as different from Monsters as possible it seems. Monsters are round and metal.
I remember spending about an hour looking for frames till she found one that mostly fit what she wanted. She knew exactly what she wanted but they did not have them. She wanted cheetah pattern with square frames and diamonds on the side. I told her to keep looking for those and when she finds them we will get them. But for now she will wear the ones that were closest.
When he picked them up they just handed him the glasses. He was confused and asked for a case. They lady said that medicaid doesn't cover a case but they would be happy to sell us one. I think I would have screamed discrimination or something (especially cuz yesterday wasn't that great of a day). He took the plastic bag she offered for free and we wont be going there again.

I love when someone gets glasses. I mean they get to see everything for the first time! Monsters eyes are like her dad's she has to wear hers all the time. I recall the first time she watched tv after getting hers, she was fascinated! It was so much more detailed, so intense! Eldest needs hers only to see far away, she'll need to take them off for close up things like reading and dishes.
When she got the glasses she quietly went outside. We kinda looked at each other wondering what she was doing, was she going out to feed Brutus?
She came back in with a look of awe on her face. "The mountains are so beautiful!" she breathed in wonder. That about made me cry! To think how much I love the mountains and all this time my child couldn't see them clearly!
She's been doing that all day now. She'll look at something and take her glasses off, look, then put them back on, look, then smile. When we walked to the school buss this morning she could clearly see the boy (she has a crush on) walking down the mesa to his bus stop up the street. She saw the individual leaves on the trees rather then just a blur of color. We had a blast just breathing out and watching the detail of our breath in the cold air.
All this time, she has been missing the details. Being an artist I expect her to create something now. I wonder what it will be?
Our real hope is that all her school work will improve with her glasses helping her. My Love called this morning and said she looks very "Abstract" The glasses make her look different, she is in a skirt, and had on the camo jacket... he almost didn't recognise her. She had joked at the bus stop that people might think a new kid had started school today.
We are kinda hoping so :)

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Jessica G. said...

I hope the glasses make the difference! I know that they really did for Boo.