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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Forgotten Turkey moments

I was having a difficult day so I never got to share one thing I wanted to.

Travel back with me, if you will, to Thanksgiving day and Eldest and Monster working on the turkey...

After Eldest was done gleefully massaging the butter herb mix under the skin and into the meat of the bird and Monster had finally decided she had had enough of this soo wrong sensation so the beautiful bird was put in the oven.

I directed Eldest that it was time to make the soup for the cats from the 'turkey guts'. So she got a sauce pan out and put the turkey neck in to it. She was really excited to open the 'guts' package. When we used to raise our food the kids helped us each time we butchered. In fact it was Eldest's job to inspect the 'guts' to be sure the animal was healthy so we could eat it. That will probably explain why she isn't grosses out at all about the 'dead bird' that we had just put in the oven.

She opened the package and Monster crowded in at her elbow trying to see the cool things too!
She pulled out each piece and showed it to Monster. "These are the lungs." She explained showing her the red piece in her hands. It had two lobes attached together at the top.
Wide eyed Monster watched.

She pulled out the next piece of floppy flesh. "This is the liver."
Monster got a bit green. "Who's eating this?" she asked me in a whisper.

Next piece, "this is the grizard."
"WHAT is that for?"

Monster thought it was the strangest thing. Eldest showed her the ridges on the organ and how it would work. "Wanna feel it? It's rubbery."
She politely declined, by running out of the room exclaiming her sister was crazy.

As she put it in the pot she picked up the neck, "Hey mom look! The esophagus!" She then pulled off a rubbery part of the turkey neck... okay that was a bit much for me. YUCK!
"Look," waving it in my face,"it's like a straw! Do you think he breathed out of it or it went to his stomach?" I kept trying to discreetly dodge the organ as she made sure I got a good look.
"Just put it in the pot Eldest!" She was still playing with it, yucky! "Anything else left?" Distraction is a great weapon.

"Oh!" The esophagus was tossed back in the pot as she spied that yes something was indeed left in the packet.
"The heart!" Eldest held it up, Monster had returned, who can resist the lure of a turkey esophagus? "Look Mom, I can make it beat!" Yes, yes she could make it beat.
Monster was very impressed, she grabbed the heart and ran to share the experience with her brother.
I didn't follow, only listened, but I did have to yell at one point, "Stop tormenting your brother with body parts!"
Poor my Love, he had no idea what they were doing, he was trying to sort out the confusion and my comment caused him to freeze and just stand there with a very confessed look on his face.

Finally a frustrated Eldest returned to the kitchen with the heart. "She made it beat to hard and tore it!" Eldest was indignant! Until she noticed that meant she could see inside, so she counted the chambers... "Monster! The turkey was disable like you! It only has three chambers!"
There was of course a scuffle as Monster wanted to see... and correct her sister, she had 4 chambers not 3! Finally the heart made it into the pot as well, more by accident then design.

The cats have no idea how much fun the kids had with their soup before it was served :)