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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The House Fairy Has to work at Wal Mart

Have you every met the House Fairy?

She is great!
You can met her HERE

She helps kids learn how to clean their rooms and then rewards them when they do. I like that they never know what day she will come! But one day they will come home and the House Fairy will have left them a small gift and fairy dust! Or nothing but dust. She even leaves notes so they will know what she was rewarding them for or what was missed so next time they have a goal.

We have had a hard time keeping the kids rooms livable. So I had the House Fairy come! Monster is the best at working for the House Fairy, and Eldest announce she knows all the fairies there are and had NEVER heard of HER before, therefore she was a parent thing...made up to make you do something parents want you too that have no baring on real life.

Until one day....

I had been at Wal-Mart and saw this Lady at the check out, she was a clerk. She had crazy beautiful white hair piled on her head, glasses, and purple rubber gloves on. "Why does she look so familiar?" I wondered. It bothered me all the way home.

Suddenly I realized who she was!

That night when the kids got home from school I told them what I had seen. "It's so sad!" I exclaimed in sadness and shock.
"What?" they asked very concerned.
"I was at Wal-Mart today... You will never believe who I saw working there." still so sad, shaking my head, making eye contact.
"Who!?" They had to know! Who could be working that was such a sad thing to see?
"The House Fairy."
On Eldest's face Concern was immediately replaced by Annoyance. Thunderous One was still a little concerned, but Monster was beside herself...torn between concern and excitement. This was like finding out that Tony Hawk was moving in next door!

"Why is the House Fairy working there?" Thunderous asked confused.
I sighed and looked as sad as I could, "Because not enough kids are cleaning their rooms." I sadly shook my head and began to walk away.
Eldest grumbled, "Yeah right." and went to lay on her bed and goof off.
Monster and Thunderous rushed off to clean their rooms.

My Love had to separate the girls later as Monster tried to bully her sister into cleaning up the room!

Every time anyone went to the store for the next few weeks Monster would met them at the door and inquire if they had seen her , if the house Fairy was still working there. Eldest would scoff.

Then it happened.

We were at the bank inside Wal-Mart with all the kids. Suddenly Thunderous spotted her! It was chaos! I'm sure the poor woman was very confused by the children yelling, "I love you House Fairy!"
"I'll clean My room so you don't have to work here, I swear!" and other things of the sort.
I had to grab Monster before she dashed off to hug her. I hissed that she was at work and we didn't want to get her in trouble!
Eldest was in shock, "You weren't lying." She kept saying over and over.

Finally, she pulled her siblings together and had a rapid discussion with them. Obviously, they concluded, She had to disguise herself while at work and they couldn't blow her cover by shouting out her name. In fact we couldn't even use her line, who knows what would happen then (I personally imagine a very confused woman trying to comfort 3 sobbing children who keep apologizing for making her work at Wal-Mart)! They made a deal with each other to go home and work on their rooms. It was just WRONG that a magical creature was doomed to work in Wal-Mart!

Their goal: Get the House Fairy Back to her REAL job!

I'll keep you updated.

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