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Friday, December 5, 2008

Mountain Lion? Mountain Lion!

We have another Mountain Lion sighting. Above is the link to the article in our paper.

Some may recall last year I found really big paw prints that I tried to tell myself were the bear...when I knew it wasn't.

Well, just the day before yesterday the kids found the carcass of a fawn on the mesa. They have taken to rolling down the mesa where the fire has burned all the grass away, while out there doing that the other evening they found the deer. They came and told me about it and how it's stomach had been eaten.

Whistler has been spending the nights on the back porch...even when we take care to shut her into the side yard, somehow she is on the back porch before we go to bed. That last few nights she has been knocking insistently on the door till we go to bed. One morning I found her under the house. At the time I was only wondering the HOW not the WHY...yes, we all know I can be very slow. With out Brutus here to tell us, we have no real evidence that the mountain lion is in the back yard, but the circumstantial evidence is mounting.

I told the kids about it so they make sure to come back to the house before it is 'hunting time'. They came in one night telling me they have heard something in the bushes. I think it was a much smaller mountain lion named Cat that time. :)

I keep trying to get to it, but hings are just mounting up around here, so i haven't had the chance to walk the property and see what I can see. One reason I haven't done it yet is I don't want to be alone, LOL! So I'm waiting for back up, my back up may have to be the kids but either way I will have back up when I go.

The other day as I was on the phone with my sister I saw something out my window on the mesa... It seemed to be a very feline shaped bush. I couldn't really tell, and someone had 'borrowed' my binoculars (pretending they are Wall-E) so I never got a closer look. Oh and she gently suggested I didn't really want to go out and see what it was while we were talking, so I just kept looking at it through the window.

Maybe I can go look for prints tonight. I think the Lion has moved on as he didn't seem to stay last year, but I may still find something cool!

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