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Monday, December 29, 2008


A dear friend of mine affectionately refers to all the changes we have been making as "Domestication"
What a sweet heart

I am happy the 3rd day on the job I doubled the sales from the day before!
Better yet, I doubled my tips :)

Now day 10
I was offered the Managers job a few days before Christmas, but I would have to go full time.
yeah, day 5 I was offered a manager position.
Makes me feel flattered and worried if what I do is so amazing and incredible and such
what the heck is everyone else doing?
Hit as to why the world is in bad shape... maybe.

So we spent alot of time holding hands and talking about how we could work it, if we should, what were the benefits and what were the sacrifices...
It was a difficult decision to make.
One of the things that is VERY important to us is being home when the kids get there.
My Love will soon be starting his after school program, so I will need to be there on the days he works late.
WE talked about the Master Garden's Course that starts next month and how that could work in. It is something I really want to do...

So basically we have talked alot...

WE talked about what would we do in the summer when all the kids are home and we both work?
Eldest very much likes the idea that she may have the job of baby sitter. WE talked about paying her. She was thrilled by that. Especially after she realized my store sells music...

so we talked...

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