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Friday, January 30, 2009

How you can tell it will be one of those days

  • It's morning.
  • Yeah that right there is a giveaway that it'll be a bad day.
  • You are cold because the one who professes to love you has stolen your covers (kicking theirs on the floor) and wont give them back
  • Your husband hides after you growl for the umpteenth time, seriously we've been together how long? What part of leave-me-alone-till-I-have-my-hot-chocolate is so hard to understand!?!
  • Your love wakes the kids up and warns the other morning person that they may not survive saying good morning to mom right now.
  • You must want to get in a fight because you bring up that Valentines day is coming up and all you want is a bouquet of flowers that have a secret message of love in the Language of flowers..which you told him in November, even book marked a web site with info for him... and he stares at you blankly and you know he's not pretending....
  • You become confused and snap that you don't care if you get hot chocolate as he pulls left into the gas station instead of turning right to the road to work.
  • You spill that cup of peace offering hot chocolate down your shirt.
  • You are screaming for the kids to run as the blinking lights of the bus illuminate the front windows.
  • You realize 4 hours after getting dressed you put your clothes on backwards

I think I'll stop there, you get the drift

edit: yeah realized after I posted this I didn't spell check it, if you read it before I spell checked to bad for you.

1 comment:

Jessica G. said...

You put your clothes on backwards? What, are you taking lessons from a two year old or from Angelina Jolie?