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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Captain O' My Captain

Thunderous One has always been a pirate.
He has always loved ships. His first obsession was hot wheel cars... that is until he saw a boat. The love began at first sight.
When the Pirates of the Caribbean came out it made all things pirate more accessible. So we got him a tri-corner hat for his birthday a few years ago. It rarely left his head. He and I are recognised around town for our hats.

Tonight we got some new info from Grandma.
When Grandma and Grandpa were here this summer Grandpa told Thunderous how we had Whalers in our blood line... he may not have seemed to be listening, but believe me, he was. This reignited his passion for ships and the ocean for a time. He already had plans in place to get a ship, become a pirate, and buy back the island another pirate (REAL pirate) in our history once had named for him.
Well tonight Grandma had to go and send us MORE relatives with Ocean going history's!
It comes strongly from both sides, it appears stretching back to Vikings (if I recall correctly).

It dawned on me as I shared this info with my excited son that I have NEVER seen the ocean!
I, who come from a long line of historical oceangoing figures, have spent all my life Landlocked!
I seem to have gotten all the farming DNA, Thunderous all the Seagoing DNA.

So we decided it is time.
We grabbed an Atlas and I told him to pick a town on a coast and we will plan a trip. (and hopefully actually go on it) We decided we need to get to the sea put our feet in it and see if it calls to us.

I didn't want to go to the sea on the East Coast, even though that is the one we have the family connection. There are too many people on the East Coast for me to think about. Funny cuz I'm usually not the one to freak out about crowds.
So we thought "Hey! Maybe we can make it to California and back in a week, like spring break!"
So California it is.

The first Town Thunderous has picked is Eureka
If you are familiar with the SciFi show you will know why he wants to go there :)

My Love, the only among us who has ever seen the sea, has explained how California has two types of oceans. The one by Oregon is cold and grey and the Southern one is warm and blue.
Can you guess where we will head?

So now the quest begins... Plan a Journey to the Sea!

In the mean time I am going to find the plans we have (somewhere) for a boat. I think he should build it.

oh and on a side note, I happen to be afraid of California. Could be a full blown phobia. I'm trying not to think about it... this is for Thunderous after all... *gulp*

Edit: We have found Thunderous' birthday present :)

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Jessica G. said...

Going to Cali, eh? Okay, here's an idea...leave Friday after work and school and then come to our house, spend the night (we'll even feed you dinner) and then leave for the ocean in the morning. You can make the drive in about 10-12 hours from here. Sound good?