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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

North Pole, South Pole

Did you know it is called Bi Polar because they have 2 extremes that are opposite? Like the north pole and the South Pole one pole is as far as you can get from the other.
We happen to be at the Other pole right now. Before Christmas it was the violent and depressed pole, now we are at the euphoric hyper pole. That may sound nice, but it is actually a little...annoying? scary?
Part of it is that we know that as happy, hyper and confidant as she is now she will be just the opposite soon, depressed, violent, and listless. We are trying to take advantage of this Pole trip as much as we can.
She is doing very good in school and we are working on routines that are doable an simple and written down so when we get to the other pole she will have one last thing to worry, think, or stress about.
She is getting to do things that she doesn't want to do or isn't able to do the Other times.
She has helped me with 2 fund raisers, plans to help with the 3rd, and wants to plan her own! She wants to do a fund raiser for Autism Speaks in honor of her brother... can you say Wow! we did.
She spent 2 days with a friend and did great there and when she got home. She bought herself some fake nails and they make her feel really good. She has very short nails that are rather yucky so with these nice fake ones she isn't as self conscious of her hands.

It's not all joy and song though. The hyper part has made it so she gets on peoples nerves sometimes, or can't sit still. I had to make her go for a walk the other day be cause she felt like she was going to explode! she gets really creative, but then really upset if it doesn't work how she envisioned. And she is really confidant, so we have to be sure she doesn't decide she can do things that are unrealistic.... she hasn't yet, but her psychiatrist warned up she may. Things like jump off the roof cuz they can fly, or drive the car...

It is kinda a nice break from the Other Pole, but we have to balance all the things she wants to do with not over whelming her because once the poles swing she may not be able to keep up with all she is trying to do now.


Navajo Balance at it's finest?

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