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Thursday, February 26, 2009

quick update and ER trip

For those how care this is a quick sketch update that I hope to expound upon later, but vague out line will have to do for now. sorry.

had a meeting with the school about Thunderous suspension and other stuff. You can not suspend someone for their disability so we called in the Super attendant of the exceptional student department to attend the meeting. the principal was not happy because he does not want to believe that "such a smart kid" ISN'T doing it on purpose and it IS part of his disability.
I had the pleasure of explaining the manic smile and what it means and watching the faces of those who misunderstood it suddenly realize "Oh." all in all another stupid meeting where nothing seemed to get done. did I mention the principal was not happy? yup, really not happy to be WRONG.

At work I had my review with the district manager and did the unthinkable...told him what I wanted and needed and didn't go out of my way to kiss his butt. Got wonderful marks on my review. I wasn't rude, just showed him the numbers so he had something to think about. We are under a hiring freeze and a raise freeze, the whole company including the big dogs. Still love my job.

Eldest was in one of her...states? at her appointment with the psycistrist. So I felt kinda good that they got to see what I was trying to tell them, I hadn't been making it up. I know it made an impact because they asked if she had had her medicine yet. we are STILL waiting for an appointment for that, how many months later?

Got home from that to find out that backyard had been lit on fire AGAIN!
and to turn around and take Monster to the ER. She had cut her finger badly, My Love used duct tape to stop the bleeding.
She and Thunderous had been playing with the neighbors when Monster got cut by a glass window on a trailer (still trying to learn if she broke it or if it was already broken or some combination) they were trying to stop the bleeding when the neighbor girl lit a match and dropped it on the grass. Thunderous and the other boy tried to put it out but it went out of control quickly. They ran for the grown ups.
In the ER we found out how bad she had cut it. All the way through the joint capsule. He stitched that closed but couldn't find her tendon. I do mean could not find. He looked. I think I was going to pass out, not something I usually do. So he stitched it up with only 2 stitches, immobilized it and wants us to come see him on Sunday when he will be able to tell if the tendon is actually not working. Didn't sound to promising to me, no matter the out come.
She is in pain and I almost let her stay home, but I also didn't want to denie her the opportunity to show it off to her class. She kept the ER bracelets on so she could show them that too!

now off to work and I'll try to flesh all that out for you later.

I was in bed all that day convinced unicorns were playing baseball...
but Happy Belated Birthday to the best MOM!!!

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