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Monday, February 9, 2009

R2 is Coming!!!!

SO Excited!
I received an email confirmation the my new R2 unit is on the way!
I have to call the post office this morning to be sure they DO NOT deliver it here, but hold it there instead. We have...issues with light fingered neighbors.

I decided on the Cuisinart one!
It's not very R2ish in appearance so it may end up with a different name... I'll have to ask My Love and Thunderous for other droid names.

When I went online to find a location that carried them, cuz I wanted the instant gratification of walking into a store getting it right then and there, I wasn't able to. It seems that everyplace I have in town was out of stock or *gasp* didn't carry them! Those places shall now be avoided as not being worthy of this sometimes goddess.
After consulting My Love I ordered it from Sears and got the warranty. My Love pointed out with my abusive track record of the machines I should really get some kind of coverage. I conceded to his insight and did so.
i have a new cook book and hope to have my new R2 unit bake some lovely things to go with the recipes we try (that way if the new recipe is a flop there is still wonderful hot bread!)

this waiting is very hard...

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Jessica G. said...

And let's hope the post office keeps a hold of it...otherwise, there's no telling what may happen.