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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Absolutely no point

At work I am simi famous for my announcements.
No one did announcements (even though they were supposed to be) cuz they all thought it was dorky, embarrassing, silly...what ever.
Needless to say I'm rather talented at it (or so I am told)

I like writing announcements.
The goofier the better.
Seriously, I can say some nutty stuff and no one calls me on it...
of course that could be cuz they are not paying attention.

Well actually I KNOW they are paying at least a tiny bit of attention because I get just enough of a responds... simple things like some one mentioning,
"How did you know I didn't eat breakfast?!"
"You're right! I do NEED coffee!"
"Now that you mention it it is hot and I would like something cold."

So today we had a gentleman in the cafe doing his very first book signing. His daughter lives here and since he was in town he thought he would do a book signing (gets to write off the trip to see grandkids I bet, lol) His daughter made cookies too attract more people over. They were yummy!

He was kinda nervous and not sure what to expect. I didn't talk to anyone that said they were his publicist so he may have been self-promoting. The GSM (I think that is her title, translates to boss of the store for shift) asks me to do some announcements for them and be nice cuz he's a great guy.

I talk to him a little, ask how he would describe his book, how to pronounce his name (yes, cuz you never know if when the spell it Bryan if it pronounced Bur-eye-an, don't laugh at me!), what genre would he like it to be mentioned as and so on.
Then I wrote up several, okay 4, announcements. I made an announcement every 15-20 minutes.

He and his daughter enjoyed them!

After every announcement they would be giggling and joking. I told him that by the second hour people would be saying to themselves, "You know, I think I have heard about that book..." and they did.
I billed it a memorable fathers day gift in another announcement and it became one.
I called him brilliant and the book a must read... (his daughter almost fell of her chair at that one)
It was fun.

He and his daughter had a good time and will do book signings in the future. The first one wasn't so horrible...

Well, guess what you are getting for Father's Day dad?
A Special signed copy of a Brilliant new book!

aww darn, now it wont be a surprise.

oh one draw back. I entertained and drew attention enough that I have been asked to help figure out how to promote a midnight release party for Dan Brown's new book, I don't even like his writing! This ought to be interesting.


Jessica G. said...

Just hope that you won't be ding announcements for his book that was supposed to "expose" the secrets of Mormonism...and if you do, I want you to record those!

Tipi said...

What ever is his next release. So not looking forward to it.
Lost count of the number of times i threw Angels and Demons across the room. So unamused by his cartoon bad guys and transparent 'twists' in the plot.

okay no ranting in my comments.