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Friday, May 1, 2009

and another one bites the dust...

Monster come home from school after a spectacular display of her own.
Sidewalk at school on the way back from art class.
She proudly told her dad how she got out of line and didn't go in the building cuz she knew she was going to throw up and thought throwing up on the sidewalk would be a better choice.
(she threw up all down the hall way in school on the first day of the year just before classes let out, it has scared her for life I think)

She seems to have had it the mildest. Fever came and went quickly. Only threw up the rest of that day and night.
She's back in school today.

Yesterday as the bus pulled up I looked out the window to see Eldest disembark from the bus holding her stomach. Uh oh...
Later that afternoon she had run some errands with me...why you may ask? Well, because she insisted she was not sick and was going to prove it.

welll... I hate that I'm right almost all the time (part of being a goddess I suppose)

We now may give another award.
Most public, yet least gross, violent emptying of the stomach.

As Eldest and I left a store, with the entire high school football team right behind us, she suddenly threw up! Not a word of warning, just opened her mouth and a fountain spouted!
She had had nothing to eat since an early lunch and had been drinking 7up, so after the horror movie of Thunderous, this was as pleasant as the flu gets! LOL!
She was furious that the boys looked at her while she threw up, she felt they all should have turned their heads and given her privacy. Doesn't help that in the store she had been growling at them, she doesn't like boys at all...well most boys anyway. All they had been doing was just be born boys.
So I was torn between rushing her to the car so she could get away from the uncomfortable situation and making sure she was done and okay.

We rushed to the car.
Didn't help, they were all parked by us.
She threw up twice more before she was done.

and yes, she was sure they all stayed to watch.
They didn't really, but you can't get someone with social anxiety to believe that.

So today 2 are at school
one is home.
My Love is at work feeling a bit queasy and I close tonight (work till midnight or so)
I am hoping I make it till tomorrow to be sick, that way I don't miss work.
Flu is bad for the economy you know.
Missed work means less pay
less pay means you spend less
which means the stores make less which means layoffs
which means less money to spend at stores...
see vicious cycle!

I didn't mention earlier (cuz I am still waiting for the call)
When I called the 2 in yesterday
I was given the 3rd degree about their symptoms
fever, vomiting, diareah, a cough, and runny nose...
then was told they can't come back till they are fever free for 24 hours...or was it 48
that's why I was expecting a call.
that and Thunderous was saying his stomach still hurt, I said "aww so sad, get on the bus!"

Well I have goddess duties to attend to, and my tummy is pained.
So I best be on my way...probably need to get more 7up...

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