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Thursday, May 7, 2009

bug bites

Ever been bitten by the bug of an idea...
one that just wont let go,
That sits in the back of your mind when you think you have gotten over it,
and waits (gaining strength)
to just pounce out again!?!

Well, I've got two of 'em.

The first one I thought of came to me years ago, about 10 years in fact.
When we fist moved here and were living in the campgrounds.
The second one came more recently, just a few months.

But somehow they are both intertwined now and back to pester me full force.
The problem is, I don't know what to do about it!

I told My Love last night, "I want to work for the newspaper."
He was rather taken back, shocked or perhaps confused?
"Really? Our paper? Really?" that's all he could say. He was awaiting farther explanation.
I was cleaning so I'm not sure how well I conveyed myself.
I reminded him I did have newspaper experience, yeah only high school, but still...

One of the ideas, the more recent one, is I want to be the Moderator of the Newspaper's community forum. They closed it down because of the number of trolls (an industry term) that had invested it. I have plenty of experience with trolls and forums as I have been moderating 4 forums on one website and another forum for a charity. I KNOW I would be the right person for getting our community forum going and thriving and truly being about our community!

Unfortunately the Newspaper doesn't seem to agree. I have sent emails to the publisher and the guy in charge of the reporters (whose title escapes me right now). I have never heard from either of them. I think I will soon try again... But should I change my approach?
I used the internet on this one and sent an email because it seemed logical, "Hey, I want to work on your internet site and... see? I can use a computer!"
Perhaps the next time I need to print off the letters and mail them as well as emailing them. Perhaps if I am really clever I can time the letters and email to arrive on the same day... or would that just be annoying?

The other one I don't want to go into because I have no experience to use to sell me... and if i tell you you might steal my idea!
Yeah, that's'll steal my idea.

Either way I would have to convince them to create a paying position, one they do not already have. I would have to convince them they NEED ME for this position and I am worth the money and risk.
THAT is what is stumping me.
How do I do that? I am worth it, but how can I convince them?
Heck, how do I even get an interview or my letter read?
Considering the economy and the recent fall of a big paper in our state it shall be an up mountain climb, a challenge.
How am I when challenged?

I think I need to call the paper and see if there is a secretary I can talk to. We all know that is where the power is.

Oh and it's not that I don't love my job as a barista, it's just that I have ALOT of things I want to do!

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