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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

date on a calendar

I've be melancholy leading to full blown depressed recently.
I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

I have been besieged by attacks from spiders and wasps to the point that others commented on the bazaar actions they have been taking to get to me...
I begin to wonder if I was missing a serious message from the universe...
I was reminded of the movie "Failure to Launch" and how one of the characters was attacked by gentle creatures.."because his life was go fundamentally out of balance that nature herself rejected him"

that got me nervous.

well now I can't recall what triggered it, the shock was actually that hard...
i think I know what is up.
Even if I was not consciously aware of the date.
The realization of a day that is rapidly approaching hit me just now
as hard as a physical blow...
have you ever had that feeling?
rather odd isn't it?
A thought hat is physical...

well now that I think I know at least one of the causes to my recent trials
maybe I can approach it correctly and heal instead of hurt.

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