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Monday, May 25, 2009

delicate fibro rant

Here you are...
My current Fibromyalgia related issue.
Raw and rambling
just like me

Work and Fibro:
I am trying to decide how much to make them aware of my fibro.
when they hired me I told them about it, but I was only working part time so I said I didn't see it as being a problem.

Now I'm full time.

I told them no more close then opens because I get sick, I didn't go into 'It triggers a fibro attack rendering me useless at best or sick for days.' Didn't think they needed that much info.

They have changed so I come in later then open... but they keep scheduling me for Friday close (11:30ish pm) and Saturday mornings (9ish am) when I told them I could only do that every other week... that part the seem to have forgotten.

I am able to work so much better during the week if I have the weekend off, the two days seems to really help me heal and manage my disease (really hate that word). But I don't want to make a big deal, I'm afraid they will decide it's not worth it.

It's Spring and all the thunderstorms just aggravate my symptoms... funny how at least 8 hours of sleep helps so much :) That and walking.
I rather wish we had our own heated pool as that is supposed to be one of the best forms of exercise for fibro.

My Love is kinda flipping out because he just realized the fibro is kinda related to MS and Lupus.
Because I said FMS, The abbreviation for Fibromyalgia Syndrome.
We had an acquaintance who's wife had MS and she past away leaving little kids and a husband behind. A past boss of My Love has a wife with Lupus, she withdrew from the world completely. It was hard on him and her and helpless to watch.
So his heart hangs low. He is worried/anxious/scared. Is that better then denial?

You know I have met very few people who have it and will talk about it. Kinda like we are all hoping it's not really real and the other person is just a mental case :)
I know I keep trying to convince myself that, stupid syndrome.

Well, I better get to bed or I'll pay tomorrow and tonight too. *sigh*

Interesting fact
in the Language of Flowers Aspen trees, which happen to be my favorite tree, mean sigh.

1 comment:

Jessica G. said...

Unfortunately, the general population still considers FMS as "all in your head," kinda like depression was a decade ago.