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Friday, May 8, 2009

Evil MOM

My kids often times say I am evil.
Yet it almost seems to be a term of endearment.
Perhaps Evil is an anachronism for something else...

Every Verb Is Love

Even Vegetables Inhabit Luxembourg

Every Victim Is Loony


See they most often say it when I have out smarted them or been particularly MOM like.
Oh, perhaps I should explain MOM.
See it is my Title and I have earned it.
When my kids were very small we discovered MOM means Mind Over Matter.
They are constantly amazed at what can be done with MOM powers.
So when they tell me I am evil, I just know it stands for something...if only I knew what.

I maybe getting closer to figuring it out.

See, this morning as I tried to wake the kids I reminded them if they fell back to sleep they would have a rushed morning and they were taking the bus even if they were half dressed and forgot all there school things.
"MOM, you are evil!" came a laughing exclamation from the Morning person known as Monster. The Not Morning person of Eldest groaned and started to get out of bed, amazing how tangled the blankets can get... But not a sound came from the Thunderous One's room. That in it's self is concerning (think of his name). He was so unmoving I asked if he was dead, he barely shook his head. Does that mean he is barely dead? I stood there annoying him for abit longer. I left him another warning that he would be rushed if he fell back to sleep.

Well... I must be evil (we must find out what it means!) for not an hour later he was limping down the driveway to the bus: one shoe in his hand, coat and back pack in the other... I sure hope he listened last night and packed his backpack with everything he needs for school today.

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Jessica G. said...

Maybe he was just mostly dead?