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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

those weird tests

Okay you know those really odd test that will tell you everything?
Well, Eldest took one and was all proud and sent me her results thru an email

see, she all talented and savvy and knows so much... I try not to crush her.

Well turns out she thinks I used to be very cool as a teen and that I never really stopped, so that's good right?


Her test results:

Goth Test

Poseur Goth

You may think you're goth, but you're not. (Maybe Nu Metal?) You wear black to piss off your parents and rebel against societal norms. Goths don't care about other people's impression of them, they wear what they wear because they want to look unique/different and get creative with their get-ups. Plus, Hot Topic? Really?

Goth Test from Dumb Spot!

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I felt really bad for her, cuz she has been seeking a Title or Lable or Clique and decided she is goth because she likes their clothes and the color black.
I can relate. I like black too.

Well, I took the test just for grins...

Goth Test


You are definitely goth. You participate in the scene and love the music and the fashion, but you didn't quite score enough to make "Elite Goth," because you're not as familiar with the history/background of the subculture.

Goth Test from Dumb Spot!

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I'm not sure how to react to that bit of info.
I, of course, being a MOM, sent her a copy by email and asked if she was jealous.
wait? was this a contest?
Did I win?
What was the prize?
Ohh may brownies!
I like brownies! Let the prize be brownies!


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