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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vampires among Us

Eldest has been rather into vampires (to her fathers disgust)
I'm not sure how it started but Monster has decided Eldest IS a Vampire and she has set out to prove it.

When Eldest is in a bad mood Monster will quietly put on a necklaces of garlic.

At other times Monster will randomly throw cloves of garlic at her...

"MOM! She's throwing garlic...again!"

"LOOK! she jumped away! That proves it! SEEE?!?"

"MOM!!! She threw water on me!"

"Why isn't she melting or bursting into flame?"

"It needs to be holy water."


"MOM! I can't put my eyeliner on cuz Monster keeps jumping out at me!"

"I've proved it! She doesn't have a reflection!"

"Yes I do!"

"I can't see it!"

"That's because you're short."

This morning:

"MOM!!!! She did it again!"

while Eldest was still asleep Monster snuck in and hide a head of garlic under her pillow.

Now she is planning on make dinner for the family...

a garlic dinner.

Looking through recipie books...

"Do we have any recipes that call for garlic? LOTS of garlic? Slices of garlic..."

"I like garlic."

"surrre you do..."

"AAGH!" Eldest throws her arms up in frustration and storms out of the kitchen.

1 comment:

Jessica G. said...

Doesn't she know that once a vampire has been invited over your threshold it renders you defenseless? Haven't your kids seen Lost Boys?