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Friday, June 26, 2009

Watermelon Wars

We rather love watermelon, it is our summer treat!
Monster looks forward all year to a Watermelon eating contest that the Lions Club does every August just before school starts.
My Love also loves watermelon. It is one of his fondest memories of childhood.

This afternoon we had our first watermelon of the year.
And our watermelon eating styles hit head on!

WE discovered it how you ate it as a kid that is most comfortable to you.

We had water melon cut into nice triangle slices and we ate it outside
so we could spit water melon seeds out of course!
Man I miss that.
Thunder asked how on earth you could spit the seeds when they were so small and floppy (meaning they had tried and it was quite the mess)
So we had to tell them, "Well son, that was back in the old days when watermelons had seeds."
The looks we got.

My Love on the other hand ate watermelon in a barn. They got to eat any that fell off the truck from the field and when they had been really good they got a cold one!
And that glorious one would be sliced open by the Boss and then he would cut out the heart handing the boys the rest of the watermelon.
So to My Love they only way to eat a water melon is to slice it in half and cut out it's heart.
(wow, that is vicious fruit murder right there!)

So back to our first watermelon...
My Love cuts it open and begins to cut it and eat out chunks of it's heart!
To which I declare wait! I want some too!
but I want a slice.
I get a slice, but the heart is already cut out!
That's not right!
That's cheating!
Monster wants some so he offers her chunks as well
But I don't like it
it's not practical for a family to sit around a watermelon and eat chunks
nor is it fair to eat already gutted slices!
AHHA! I grab a melonballer!
Monster loves it!
Little round balls of watermelon goodness!
Yay I think we have a solution!
So Monster, very impressed with the irresistible roundness of the melon balls, takes over and balls till she has filled a storage bowl.
Proudly she takes her bowl of treasure and we can now move away from the water melon and eat watermelon coolness, not stuck outside or at the kitchen counter!


My love is found back in the kitchen,
eating the water melon by chuncks...

*sigh* it's so hard to change.

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Jessica G. said...

Don't forget how to had to name three seeds for members of the opposite sex and then stick them to your forehead and the one that stayed the longest was the person you would marry...