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Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog about a Blog

So cuz I'm a freak like that and for some reason want to win a contest I am blogging about a blog.
Which I guess doesn't actually make me a freak cuz lots of people do about blogs that is...
and she did request it...
so here it is!

I follow (see? follow! that gets me an entry right there!) this blog called Duck Duck Cow.
She is having a celebration and contest for her 500th blog!
Yeah, I have what 70?
I'm an underachiever I guess.
She said we get an entry for doing each of the following:

To enter the contest you can do any or all of the following (BUT EACH ENTRY REQUIRES A SEPARATE COMMENT, please! I'm an airhead and need to keep this as simple as possible!)
  • Comment saying one odd thing about you.
  • Follow me (and Google Reader doesn't count...I need proof of your devotion).
  • Blog about this contest (for three entries).
  • Bring me chocolate
(I stole it directly from her page)

So, first I read it wrong and posted like 7 comments before my brain caught up (that and she made fun of me on the phone) and realized it does not say one comment = one entry

But they were relevant comments!
I shared one weird thing about me (I eat hamburgers upside down) and I didn't even go on a tirade about weird is subjective and what is so bizarre to one is normal to another and for that matter if there is not normal how can there be weird? SEE!?! I held back! I just complied and told her something others have commented is weird about me (cuz I sometime don't know it's weird till someone says it is...okay most of the times I don't know...)

I am already what is refereed to as a follower of her blog, though I did point out that we have discussed that I do not make a good follower or leader for that matter...

I am currently Blogging about this contest :)
It may be rambling and partially incoherent but you should expect that from me by now!
and it's still a blog, even if incoherent :P

I sent her a book called A Chocolate a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
so I should get an entry for the giving her chocolate part...

hey! I'm out of chocolate!I just realized that!

I better go get some!

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Jessica G. said...

Woohooo! I love contests!

Oh wait...