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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So today was less then wonderful
So I expect the week to follow suit.

I missed church because Monster was throwing up.
Got a note from the tv celebrities I sudo work for that I am not strict enough
Didn’t get to go for the planned ride in the mountains
The radio show I was on had recording problems so we may have to do a do over
There is a ‘spat’ between some of the charity board members is causing big problems
And the planned movie night is a no go.

And then to top it off when I went to get a simple chocolate chip cookie I find they are ALL GONE!
Not a piece of chocolate in the house!
(Trust me, I turned the place upside down)
That was the LAST straw!
I had had it!
I grabbed my purse
I was on a chocolate run.

“Do you have money?” My Love asked.
“If I don’t I’ll just knock the store over!” I snapped.
Suddenly the kids were scrambling to come with me
“I’ve got to see this!”
“I want to see mom knock a store over!”
“Remember the night we became werewolves?!”

Okay, this is probably not normal responds from kids is it?
They thought I would become some mutant cross between a werewolf and the incredible hulk and literally knock a store over to get to the chocolate and as there is a chocolate factory in town they were sure it would be a show worth seeing. Apparently I become a werewolf/incredible hulk hybrid when I am angry, you wouldn’t like me angry. Lovely to know how your kids see you isn’t it?

Oddly enough, no one was disappointed when we walked into the gas station and used mere money to get my chocolate… cuz there was one SOUR worm in the bag of gummy worms we bought My Love.
Somehow I don’t know how to feel about being as exiting as a lone sour gummy worm in a bag of regular gummy worms.

Funny kids:

I said “Time to put my goddess hat on!” as I went to get the phone for the radio show.
“I’ll get it!” Monster yells as she scampers off…
“Wait! It’s not a actual hat!”

She returned with a garland of ivy and a staff... the Staff of Was... I have no idea what that means.

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