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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Completely unproductive and Rambling School Buss Rant

Right now I am seriously annoyed! Mad even!

You see the bus decided it needs to pick the kids up earlier.
It was picking them up at 7:04 last year, this year it was coming at 6:50 (even though they told me no time change). Yesterday, My Love was talking to a friend whose child rides the same bus and they mentioned that the buss was going to be coming earlier because another child has been added to the route. Yeah, no one from the bus company told us, another parent did. Wonder if the phone is broken at the bus barn?

So, I just had gotten back from taking My Love to work and was getting the kids moving a bit faster on packing lunch...brush your hair...don't wait till the last minute to put on your chocolate isn't ready yet... breakfast... HOLLY COW!!! THE BUSS IS HERE!
The bus was impatiently waiting with flashing lights for us to tumble and scurry out the door. In a tangled mob the kids grabbed backpacks and lunches, bowls of cereal were left anywhere between the kitchen and front porch as they frantically tried to shovel in a few last bites... the buss shut it's doors and acted like it would pull away as the mob descended the stairs in a trampling horde that scattered cats and ducks and set the neighbors dog barking. They opened the doors and the kids files up the stairs and to their seats. Absent was our next door neighbor, but I heard the mom yelling in the house...the bus pulled away, the kids waving as usual.

I came back into the decimation that had been left behind an looked at the clock it was 6:31!!!
6:31 AM!!!
Are you kidding me?
a buss picks up this early?
I could understand if maybe we lived miles and miles out of town like some of the ranch and mountain kids do, but come on! We are 3 blocks out side of city limits!

Want to know what time the bell rings for class to START?
8:00am for Elementary and 8:20 for everyone else.

That puts the older kids on the buss for almost 2 hours!

So I ask "WHAT?!?!" and they say "we have one bus to meet the needs of our special students, so everyone will just have to work with us. If it doesn't work for you you can drive them..."

again "WHAT?!?!?"

They complained all last year about how the kids that are the last ones off are so terrible...loud, wiggle in their seats... and I told them well duh! They have to be on there for so long any kid would get fidgety! Oh and these are ALL Special Needs kids. There are deaf kids, wheel chair bound kids, emotionally disturbed kids, autistic kids, all kinds! and their siblings. So here you have kids who are often more sensitive to prolonged expose to sound and vibrations being crammed onto a buss at dawn and then not getting home till dinner is on the table and they wonder why it's such a difficult route!
Lets make the Special Needs Buss the longest route in the school system!

Oh, I hold out NO HOPE what so ever that this will improve, I am only impotently venting as we had a run in with this Buss company last year over the verbally abusive and scary obsessive buss driver they had on the 'normal route' with Eldest.
He had announced to the buss he was a recovered meth user and it was only through finding Jesus that he was saved and they all needed to find Jesus or burn in hell. He told me I should beat her with a stick and she was a bad kid and so on... yelled to me from the buss door. He started dropping her off early, not at her stop, saying if she didn't get off the buss she would get a green slip (2=suspension 3=never ride again)... It was a nightmare. We told the buss company about it and they backed him saying it never happened and the camera on his buss was broken so we couldn't prove anything... so we switched her to ride with the other 2 on the Special Needs Buss.
Over the summer he started showing up at my work and anytime Eldest was volunteering at a charity event he would appear. We talked to some officers about it and magically he faded away, then we find out his contract wasn't picked up for the new year. It only took a whole school year and law enforcement to get any result on that one, so as I said I see no hope of changing this next stupid buss stunt.
I guess I will do like they suggested so sweetly and see if I can rearrange my schedule to take the kids to school... and the school wonders why kids are being dropped off at 7:00.

We all KNOW I am so not a morning person. I hate getting up before the sun, or the butt crack of dawn as i call it, to take my Love to work and then coming home getting the kids off to school, then take care of the animal, then take a shower and get dressed and go to work myself... and try to fit in a load of laundry, unthaw meat for dinner, wash some dishes, pick up the house... so this is NOT the time of day throw stupid at me!
I guess it doesn't help that I am exhausted, have 2 district managers in at work, and I'm going to the dentist for the first time since I was 18 this afternoon. No, all that has no barring on how stupid it is to pick up kids at 6 freaking 30 in the morning!


Jessica G. said...

I'm surprised the schools allow the kids to be dropped off that early! Surely they have some say in the matter?

And it's only because I love my voluptuous, dyslexic sister that I say this...a BUS is a school bus. A BUSS is french for kiss. :*

Tipi said...

No I am hissing every time I say Buss ;)

the schools don't allow the kids there till 7:45 at elem and 8 for the others, but the band and athletes will show up as early as 6:30. Parents just drop their kids off allowed or not. But when you have to chose between a buss a 6:30 or unsupervised time on the playground so you don't get fired I can sympathize... it's frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog, because I'm got a special needs rant of my own. That aside, In our state the law says children can not be on a bus route that is longer than an hour. Did you check your state law/rules?

Michele in Michigan

Tipi said...

ridiculously late I did want to indeed tell you that we have a similar law... except we live in the country so an exception is made in our area.