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Thursday, November 5, 2009


So last you heard from me I was sick.
and here we are weeks later and guess what?
I'm still sick.
I am getting very annoyed with it. I have missed a handful of important birthdays, including My Love's, my parents anniversary and Halloween...I have used all my sick days and had to take more unpaid, so I am thoroughly sick of being sick.
What I am finding most annoying is no one seems to know what I have!

I woke up one day with a strange headache up the back of my neck and head, a fever and feeling yucky. There was a little cough, but I didn't think much of it as I felt I could breath pretty well. I rested as much as I could took a few days off to rest. Kept going, realized I'm not better, took a few more days off...

I just could not improve. I was exhausted. I kept coughing, the fever was all over the place. When it spiked to 104ish I went to the free clinic.

I was less then impressed. It took 4 hours for a 10 minute visit. The nurse checked my oxygen intake, blood pressure, and temp (which didn't want to work). Told me she would be back with some Tylenol, she never came back. The doctor came in listened to my lungs, they were clear, and that's all he did. No looking in the eyes, ears, nose... nothing but lungs.
He said I had the flu. All I had to do was rest and drink lots of fluids... I argued with him, not what he expected. I said this isn't the flu I've had it for over 2 weeks all ready, I've rested and drink plenty and I'm not getting better. No, No it's just the flu stay in bed till Thursday and you find you get your strength back on Wednesday... you'll be fine. Oh and here take this cough syrup too. I left with a note for work that I had to stay home, a prescription for cough syrup and the resolve that I would be better by Thursday cuz the doctor said so.

Yeah, well...he was wrong.
Turns out the cough surup, that had 4 warning lables on it, was dangerous for me to take with my other conditions. He shouldn't have perscribed it.
I missed all that work unpaid and when I went back to work I was still pale, coughing, and building a fever...

Last night, I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the ER.
As I was being admitted I got the teribal feeling that they were already deciding I had the flu.
But because of how long I have been sick and my other conditions they started with a chest xray. That way if I had pnemonia or swine flu with fluid on the lungs we would waste no time in finding out.
and they really wasted no time.
As soon as I was back in my room a person from respitory was there to do a saline suction test to test for whooping cough. Now there is a fun test. They drop saline in one nostril and suck it out the other so the saline will trave in a loop through your sinuses. Apperently I was too stopped up for it to work like that. So he had to do it twice, once the way I explained the next trying to suck it back out the same nostril. I was the first person he ever had who did NOT sneeze. I don't know what that means.
They doctor can in (I'm obsessed now, he didn't look in my ears either) He thinks I have whooping cough. Seriously. I am a bit surprised. He says we will know for sure in about 3 days when they get the test results back... he talks about the CDC and vacines and stuff.
I am just like...whooping cough? is this 1890?

So here I am on antibioctics (and yogurt), still coughing, still exhausted,(haven't taken my temp, too exhausted for that) and wondering if they got it right this time. Oh and there's nothing I can do but suffer. It takes 6 to 10 weeks to work through.
So tonight well have a family meeting about what every one else can do to help... and if it turns out the test comes back possitive we may be hearding everyone else in for a round of antibiotics.
Not sure if I want this diagnoiss to be right, but at the same time I sure don't want then to be wrong again.

So there ya go.

P.S. mom can you come take care of me?

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