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Saturday, November 7, 2009

I have neglected my kids

I have just been inform by two passionate teary eyed kids that I have inadvertently scared them by neglecting to get them a simple thing, something their heart has always yearned for, something I was oblivious to them lacking. What kind of horrible mother am I?

What on earth have I kept from them?

Why, this...

what kind of mother would neglect to get her kids one?

Well, in my defense I never thought they would really be interested in them...and then I thought maybe they were too old.
Apparently not.

So I guess they will be getting that for Christmas this year.
I have no idea how much they cost... I hope they are reasonable. I wonder where my old one is? It was so much cooler then the hideous microwave looking things they now have. It was a Holly Hobbie one! It looked like a stove and oven. It was blue!
I loved that thing.

oh, and to torture me for such neglect they are eating pickles. I can't stand the smell (or taste) of pickles.
But because I will consider it some one is making brownies as well.
Not actually a good smell combination, but they are trying.

Anyone else excited the the Krumpus will be coming soon?

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Jessica G. said...

Boo wants one, too. They're about $25-$30. Toys R Us is having a special right now where if you buy one, they give you a free refill pack. And if you do get them one, let me know and I'll send refill packs + extras as my gift to them!

(Whenever I think of those, I remember that one fateful Christmas when I got the toy blender... Dad's desk was never the same.)