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Friday, December 11, 2009

Scary Christmas Story

Last night Monster read me a Christmas story, she thought it was a nice story. I thought it was scary!
First the family's house burns down, THEN they have to go live in a shack that is filled with SPIDERS!!!

And this is a Christmas story?

My little Monster knows I am afraid of spiders (except fuzzy ones) So with great pleasure she began to read it to me.
The book is titled:

The Christmas Cobwebs by Odds Bodkin and Illustrated by Terry Widener


You should have seen the gleeful maniacal way she read this passage:
"Then up in the rafters, tiny legs began to scurry this way and that.
At the end of a silver thread, a tiny spider dropped down down toward the bare tree.
Another spider followed.
And then another and another!"

of course I obliged by making my eyes wide and so on.
And really it was all an act.
Scenes from Arachnophobia were not were not running through my mind.

(would have inserted a pic here but the search freaked me out too much.)

okay, i think I'm done talking about this subject.

But first, may I ask WHO was the sadistic person who started including SPIDERS in Christmas?!

1 comment:

Jessica G. said...

Probably came from the same person who started calling white chocolate chocolate. They're just plain EVIL.