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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Searching (and getting desperate)

Okay this will be a bit difference from my other posts.

I have for years now been trying to find My Loves family, specifically his Father's family.
This last year I found his father, but I was too late... he had past away the fall before.
I found the names of several relatives and talked to one relative by marriage...but it seems a dead end for getting information as she gave me all she had.
And that leads us to what is driving me crazy!

His interest, or hope perhaps, lies with a relative I can find nothing about!
He has always been told he is part Native American. The one relative I talked to confirmed this but had no evidence and only knew her Husband said it was Blackfoot, Pennsylvania Blackfoot.
I have looked and looked! I have tried censuses, obituaries, Google...everything I can think of that can be done from my home. Good thing there is such thing as unlimited long distance, the number of hours I've spent on the phone trying to get info and find people is shocking!

Now I bet you would like to know the woman I have been seeking right?
Her name is Helen V. Barton.
It's a nice name isn't it?
It appears to be a difficult name to find, but a nice name none the less.
She may be Blackfoot,she may be Saponi, she may be Apache, she could be Iroquois, or any other nation!
But I haven't found her, to my sorrow.

"Why is it so important to find her?" you may be wondering... well that is kinda...personal.
You would probably need to read this post to get an understanding...

Needless to say, My Love needs this! I always hope I will find SOMETHING I can share with him, but lately I can not get around this wall of finding Helen, where she was born, who were her parents, her people... I don't know where to look next.

Yes, my unrealistic optimism for this post is someone, a Helen Barton relative perhaps, will be looking and find this randomly and can point us the right way, or have info, or something...

So here hoping!

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