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Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am sure moving is stressful and eventful for ANYONE that has to go thru it.
I am discovering this week just how much is added when you toss in the whole Mental/emotional challenged to the mix.

Thunderous hasn't slept since we showed him the place we are moving to. (hence I do not get to sleep.)

Eldest is flipping between talking non-stop obsessive to reclusive and silent so fast and so many times it makes my head hurt.

Thunderous has his room already packed.

Eldest .... well I have no idea what she is doing. It looks mostly packed...but she keeps arranging and re-arranging things.

Monster (shares the room) is mostly hiding. She doesn't want to be around Eldest.

Basically I am very tired.
and if I think too much I start having a panic attack.

My Love and I keep inventing things for Thunderous to do to try and keep him from obsessing or locking down. He had his first big fight with his best friend this week so that has made him...more reactive...raw... I can' think of a word to describe it.
He is currently trying to make a scale model of his new room and all the pieces of his furniture so he can arrange/plan and fung shui his room. Kinda hard to do with out the measurements but boy is he trying!
We are really happy with how well he has been handling this...but honestly, I'm not sure how we (Thunderous and myself) will survive this week! Or perhaps I should say I'm not sure WHO will survive this week.
We are going to ask if we can began the move early...that should give Thunderous time to adjust.

I don't know what will help Eldest.
Most of the time I don't think I know enough about her bipolar to really help her.
One thing I did learn is she thinks Pink Floyd is "weird" "creeps her out".
Oh and she thinks it's too on the dark side. LOL! This from the kid who tried to be Emo!
(she is talking about making a quilt that has pieces that symbolize all the different part of all the stereo types that she feels she is. I told her to go for it!)
She is mostly in her room this morning. She keeps coming out to just stand in a room. She doesn't say anything: just stands there. Then she will go back to her room. The next time she comes out she might be talking non-stop about something or she might just stand in a room again.
Seems to be processing something.

*sigh* the list of To Do is getting longer and longer.
I'm going to buy a huge stack of paper plates so we wont have to worry about dishes (cuz I'm packing them all up!)
gonna listen to my favorite song and get moving.


Tom said...

Maybe you should call this post "OCD...EFG" or "Where did all tat ice cream go !"

Jessica G. said...

That's the one Pink Floyd song I like.
There's another song that I thought was Pink Floyd that has Stephen Hawking in it, using his unique robotic voice to say "All we need to do is keep talking" but I can't seem to find it any more.