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Monday, January 4, 2010


Eldest has been doing really good! She had her usual bad pole this fall but has leveled out alot in the past week. So much so that she was able to spend 2 nights at her best friends and she didn't have the backlash that we have come to expect afterwords!
She is happier about how she looks too when she is balanced like this.

Tonight she asked me to help her with her nails. Eldest bites her nails really badly and when she is in her more stable times she really hates it and tires to stop, but it's a nervous habit in her less balanced times. So the damage is bad. I worry he nails will end up looking like my dad's.

Knowing this Monster bought her a set of fake nails for Christmas. Monster carefully chose a set that wasn't too Girly or too Emo. They are a french manicure with black tips instead of white and a pink scull and cross bone off to on side.

Eldest hopes they will keep her from biting her nails and her hands will look good while they heal!
Smart girl.

Here are her nails, what do you think?

close nails

We didn't have lots of conversation while she carefully matched each nail to a finger. But it was just a nice calm mom and daughter moment. She matched the nails and I squeezed the stubborn glue bottle and pressed each one on till the glue dried. We sat off in a courner of the room by ourselves and really didn't pay attention to everyone else.

Shes been kinda quiet the last few days.We had a girls night Saturday and she picked 3 girly movies we would never have watched if the boys were home! We just sat next to eachother quietly on the couch and watched the movies, except during Twilight which we both tore apart for not following the book when we wanted it to.

Quiet is not like her, so though it seems we are in the more balanced time, I will still keep watching her.

ps I got to put on the left over ones! I don't think I have ever had on real fake nails before (these use glue, not stickers like when I was a kid) They feel kinda odd. well, that and I am short one nail on each hand LOL!
Maybe they can help save my hands from the ravages of my job,too!

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Jessica G. said...

Love the nails! Looks like something I would have done at her age...when she comes to visit, I'll teach her how to make her nails look like stained glass.