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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't know what to title this post yet... I'll get back to that.

Today is "One of those days" I guess.
You see this morning I have to go to court for the neighbors dog killing my duck.
Thunderous One cracked a tooth, so I will be taking him to the dentist.
He and the Monster have an eye exam this afternoon. (His first ever)
Last night we went to look at 3 places, which sent each special need into it's own unique over load.
I'm supposed to work. (not gonna happen)
I have to call on more places and go by a local place to see if we can get a land/home package...

It seems quite alot.

I have to admit, I wasn't quite ready for the break downs... I should have been, I've had enough experience right?
Eldest went off because she wants her own room and wants to live in town. So we are all evil and against her because we didn't like the one place that she did.
Thunderous couldn't stop analyzing each place over and over out loud for the next several hours and quizzing everyone on their thoughts. It was obsessive! Drove me crazy! I can only say the same thing for 3 hours before I get annoyed. He couldn't sleep last night because of it and his tooth was driving him crazy... He talked in his sleep all night. Which kept waking me up.
Of course Eldest's walking around in the middle of the night didn't help.
This move is going to set every disorder off isn't it?
Monster was just upset because her sibs were and they kept telling her "what to do."
It's even brought out all of My Love's disorders too~!

okay timer went off...means I have to go (that's how I am keeping myself going now, use a timer!)

So lets play a quick game of name this post as I can't think of what to call it...
any suggestions?

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Jessica G. said...

Good Jemmy! Using the timer!
(Hey, I sent that book I told you about. Tell me when you get it!)