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Friday, January 15, 2010

When NOT to watch movies ____________or Not KNOWing

So, I was going to write a big insightful post about having the strength to let your kids go...
or rather NOT having the strength to let your kids go even if it means the extinction of the entire human race cuz you are selfish and would keep them with you...

Of course, I then realized that would be one long crazy rambling post...okay an even longer crazier rambling post then usual.

So, what I am going to say instead is: Perhaps it is best to NOT watch deep movies about the end of the world when you are melancholy and stressed out over your own real children and life.

Just a thought.

Just putting that idea out there.

Might take my own advice someday.

Not gonna watch Knowing again (if I can help it)
Perhaps an encore of Julie & Julia instead...?
Yes, that should do quite nicely.
Who wouldn't prefer thinking about boning a duck rather then Alien/angels and solar flares of doom?

So, in case we missed the moral of the story.
Use Care In Thy Movie Viewing.

the end.

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