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Friday, April 2, 2010


Just a few Random things...

Monster: "Look Mom! A hippy van with an actual hippy in it!" said loudly enough the whole parking lot heard,of course.

Thunderous, on a trip to Moab exclaiming on the incredible sights said to monster,"That rock is as thin as your skull!"

Eldest: Here Mom, listen to this song....wait! You're not supposed to like it!"

Sister:"I fell better now after making fun of your irrational fears. Thanks!"

I have come to the realization that I don't like to drive on the highway.
Why you ask? It's simple.

I hurry.

See on the highway you are going 75 miles an hour.

That is fast.

I feel like I am going fast.............well if I am going fast then I must be in a hurry................if I am in a hurry then it MUST be an EMERGENCY!......

so, yeah, I don't like to drive on the highway.

and then there's Thunderous sitting in the passenger seat....
"Mom, do you know the speed limit?"
"I think you are going to fast, mom."
"Mom, it's 75."
"Did you see the sign mom?"
"Mom, it's"
"MOM the speed limit is 75...MOM YOU ARE GOING 80!! Mom it's 75!"
I made him sit in the back the next time.


Jessica G. said...

Hehehehehe...reminds me of us pestering Dad about his speeding.

And thanks to mocking you, I had a perfectly lovely trip home. :)

Tom said...

By the way, the backseat won't help. I am considering a luggage rack...