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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bounty Hunter

My Love just got home.. he had exciting news...
He saw Dog the bounty hunter downtown as he rode home from work.
All black, long blond hair, 'sleeves', 2 black...ummm...can't remember the name of the SUVs but he knew...
and they were video taping.
He looped around the block but they all got into thier SUVs before he got back. I guess they knew he had made them.

I wish I could get up the energy to be excited about it...maybe go hunt them down myself...i will be a bounty hunter myself someday after all.... but just too empty to try right now.
I'm letting the 2 oldest take their bikes down the street though.
maybe I'll just call everyone I know and really blow their cover
*evil grin*

Dog has a link on his page about it :)
No crazy!
It really was Dog
Dog the Bounty Hunter

1 comment:

Jessica G. said...

Never watched the show. In fact, two of my friends dressed up as them for Halloween a couple years ago and not only did I not recognize them, but I had no idea that what they had on were costumes. Yeah, I'm super observant.