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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life Happends

The last month has been so busy I don't know where I am sometimes!
To sum it up I will tell you about a Saturday I had a few weeks ago...
I worked my usually 9 hour shift, then came home.... oh wait had to stop at the store to buy something for dinner, then get home. In the car we talked about what Eldest would wear to homecoming that night. I had made the shirt I was wearing to work that day and Eldest suggested I could sew her something to wear. I mean, come on, the dance is a long 3 hours away. After I stopped laughing I decided okay, we'll see what we can do.

I had made my shirt using 2 t-shirts, so while My Love tossed diner in the oven, I changed, and the girls went to the shed and hauled in a bag of discarded t-shirts. We agreed before I started on a t-shirt dress for her that she would try on my old Homecoming dress.
She could have pulled it off, but I had curves where she doesn't really yet.
Suddenly there is no time left... I dig out an old black sheath dress and gloves and a wrap and so on... We did her hair and makeup and accessorised and made her Cinderella in time. Also had diner and walked the dogs in that time.

Okay... I am now not sure how I managed all this I know I did...but now the details are a little muddled....

We loaded up in the van and headed out...
Pick Thunderous One up from a 25 mile bike ride and camping trip,
Picked up 3 of Eldest's friends...
Dropped all the teens off at the dance,
Went to a hotel in town and trained Monster for her triathlon,
Pick Eldest up from the dance and got everyone back home and in bed before 10.

No, did I do that?


Jessica G. said...

You did it because you are awesome. Duh.

Tom said...

Super EM! Seriously, I think there is some kind of inherent superpower derived from acheiving motherhood.