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Saturday, October 16, 2010

What did EVIL stand for again?

Want to have fun?

Bust your kid(s) doing something wrong while you are gone....
then tell them you know they did it because you have a hidden digital camera that showed it...
then sit back and try not to giggle as they try to find it.

It's fun listening to their whispered councils with each other about the places it could be.




Melanie said...

Ha, ha! I have SO been there.The panic that crosses their faces... priceless.
I found your blog since we are both "goddess in training" under occupation... had to check a sister Goddess blog :-). I thought it was quite ironic that we both have an autistic child, and a bipolar child. I also have 3 others with more initials in their diagnosis then the alphabet should allow. I enjoyed spending some time reading your words. You're doing a great job, Momma!

Jessica G. said...

You are an inspiration to us all.