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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cooking & Feasts...and rambling

Today is our birthday dinner for Monster.
In our house you get to pick your Birthday Diner and Monster knows exactly what she wants.
mashed potatoes
home made rolls
and Pumpkin Pie, not birthday cake, yet. (She has decided she wants a Boston creme pie for her birthday cake on her birthday)
Huuummmm... I am noticing a lack of veggies. Odd for Monster, there should be peas or broccoli on that menu, but I digress..

Oh and as her gift? She wants Eldest to cook it!

Eldest has experience with cooking such feasts so I have no real fear about it... and Monster had an excellent thought process on her decision. If Eldest makes her Birthday turkey and I make the Thanksgiving turkey they will be different enough that no one will notice that we had a feast twice in one month!

What her birthday request has really made me think of is family recipes.
You see, years ago when I first started 'teaching' my kids to cook I told them to pick their favorite foods to learn to cook. I mean really what's the point of learning to scramble an egg if you hate eating them? So they learned things like crepes, cookies, and meatloaf before hot dogs and tater tots.
But now we are running into an odd problem.
They want to cook it the way I make it.
But I don't follow recipes. I just feel my way thru the food!
Like the bread dough I am mixing for her rolls today... I measured the water and yeast, but everything else I kinda jut threw in there. I mean it's probably about 4 cups of flour, but I didn't measure it and I know it will be a little on the sweet side, but couldn't tell you how much sugar I added either. This batch wont have yogurt added but the last rolls did.

There has been more then one night of the kids deciding they want to make diner... but we end up calling each other 5 times so I can walk them thru a dish because I have never written it down!

I guess it is good in one way... they are quite creative in the kitchen.
Eldest has decided to use some cranberry pomegranate juice on the turkey and she is going to use the giblets in the gravy in different way.
Another random observation...when eldest is cooking her bi-polar seems to be more stable. I don't know if maybe she only cooks when she is on a certain pole or cooking keeps her from swinging so hard.
I know Thunderous loves cooking because in his words: "It is an art and a science! It is precise and free! It has rules and you can follow them and play!" (Autism can make you a dali lama)
But I have noticed she is different when she cooks...maybe we need to encourage culinary school instead of mechanics.

I need to check the dough and see what Eldest has created while I wrote this...
should be a grand feast!

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