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Monday, November 1, 2010

Hit by a... Muse?

I'm sick, I have lost my voice, and I am getting irritated.
I do not make a good patient, as the nurses from last year can attest to.
No, I haven't barricaded myself in a corner...yet...but that option is still open as far as I am concerned.
Now, before this vile immune system attack I was attacked by something I rather enjoy.
I was hit by a Muse(...must have been hit hard cuz it's taking so long to recover.)

I decided to participate in my first BlogSwap, a color themed one to be precise. We were to make one of the items we would be sending.
I was a little intimidated, I mean what if they don't like it?

I played with some beads and stones and come up with a few designs...

What that means is I made and destroyed at least 3 designs before I finally was half satisfied.
This is what I came up with...


That broke something lose and I made another necklace right away.

Then took it apart.

and made this one:


You may notice it is one of my least favorite colors.
What on earth could have possessed me to put something pink together you may ask...
Well, Breast Cancer.
We were having a Breast Cancer awareness Month at work. We donated all our tips from the cafe and had special cupcakes, balloons, other fun stuff all in pink.
We were having a couple of ladies from the Susan G Koman foundation come in on the last day and present them with our donations and have them do a presentation.
Well that pink masterpiece was supposed to be auctioned off on the finial night...
everyone was very excited.
Then I got sick, went home early, and missed the event.
Some how my necklace was forgotten and stayed displayed till this morning when I came in.
So they gave it back to me.

To tell you the truth, that was rather a let down.
I didn't cry though (at least not right away or at work)

Anyone want to buy a nice choker?
It's got good Karma.

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