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Monday, November 22, 2010

not the only poet

Like my haiku from yesterday? I am not the only poetically inclined one in the family.
Eldest likes to post her Dark Emo Poetry as her status on that social networking site. I asked her to put them in a poetry book instead...think I'll get her one for Christmas. I try really hard not to roll my eyes when I read some of her work. It is terribly mean of me, but I do tell her sometimes that her work is 'a cliche wrapped in a stereo type'. Don't take me wrong, she is talented enough it's just the whole "Look at me... I'm dark and spooky!" gets old. I would love to see her write some real heart felt poetry, not just stuff to impress her audience.

and so she doesn't feel singled out...

My Love also writes me.
He wrote this to me a few days ago:

Not Quite Epic~
by ...some guy with a pony tail...

Not Butcher, King, or even Knaak, my feeble pen they could surly sack!
I may not be like all the rest,
knowing this, I will never be the best.
I may not write with a Golden Pen, or thrill my fans again and again. I don't write for fortune or fame, but what I write has meaning all the same.
My words don't come to life and spring from the page,
they are more like trained animals locked in a cage.

The words I write are part of me, they will be now, and for ever will be. So run your fingers through my hair. Caress my face full, with your special care. Feel my passion Hard and Sweet,
Hold my Love and never weep!
For what I carry for you is real, and for you,
it is fueled for ever still and will never sleep,
slumber it will not for as long as my heart beats.
When the day has come and my heart beats no more, my spirit carries my Love for you as it shines for ever more.

What you see is not always what you get, and One size never fits all, but when our spirits entwined together a spark engulfed into a flame of passion and its burning out of control!

"I am not a poet, I am just a man,,, but sometimes am man can do anything". ...some guy with a ponytail...

I may not be famous but my love for you is equal to any that has been written about or written about in song. Mostly because it is Ours!
I Love you,

We both are kinda hopeless romantics.
We used to write love notes to each other like crazy!
I have 2 moving boxes filled with love notes we have left each other over the years. I was just going through the voice mails on my phone and realized all my saved messages are little love notes from him too.
When we moved and I got to look through the box before setting it in the To Keep pile I laughed at all the different things they were written on..everything from napkins and bubble gum wrappers to stationary and handmade paper.
I was noticing a decline in our love notes and was kinda sad...then I realized we aren't sending them less... we just aren't WRITING them! That beautiful poem he sent me was in a online game we play...all the voice mails on my phone...just not on paper.

Hummmm... maybe I should break that trend.
I think I will go write him a little love haiku before I head to work.
I leave it on his keyboard so he will be sure to see it!

how do you leave love note?

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