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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Little things

One way I have tried to keep me out of jail or an asylum is to be amused by the little things.
Laugh instead of scream.

It may sound cruel but today I abut died laughing when Thunderous yelled to Monster "I do not have an issue!"
Of course it was in reply to her comment, "You have issues." After he explained to her how he was using a ruler and some math the figure out how to draw Denmark's flag so it wasn't off center, but was still accurate...

Thunderous is literal, obsessive, and abhors chaos... and chaos is anything that is not even, precise, orderly: classic for his 'Issues'

This is Denmark's flag for those who don't know:

Do you see his dilemma? To be accurate and precise he must show it EXACTLY as it should be...but... "Do you know how hard it is for me to draw off center?!" he exclaims after explaining it again to his dad & I.

I am so impressed that he is trying...not screaming tearing the paper up and destroying a room...just using what he knows works for him (art & math) and trying.

It may still come to tears, but till then at least we laughed.

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