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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zen Dog

We have 2 dogs... both we adopted from the pound together. the older dog is a rottweiler mix. He was about 5 years old when we got him. The thing with older dogs is you usually have to guess at their age. The story we were told about Moses when we adopted him was that he had been in a 6x6 dog run for as long as they knew him. That his family had moved away and paid the neighbor to watch him for a month while they finished the move...they never came back.

Now Moses does something that I find rather moving...and to pull my heart strings My Love made up a story to go with it.

Every morning you can find Moses watching the sunrise. He will be sitting out in front of his dog house, sitting facing the sun rise. He doesn't move, he doesn't bark... he just sits serenely and watches the sun come up.

One Morning while watching him My Love came up with a story about Moses... That his first owner had actually been an older guy, probably retired, and every morning he would take a cup of coffee out on his porch and watch the sunrise with his dog sitting beside him, and together they would greet the day in quiet contemplation of sunrise. Eventually the man had to move in with family because of his health, but he still managed to get out every morning to watch the sunrise with his dog...then the man died and the family moved... so every morning Moses watches the sunrise and remembers his friend.


Jessica G. said...

That is just heartbreakingly sweet!

WW said...

Hi Emily
I'm your partner for the True Colors swap. Can you please email me, since I can't seem to find an email address on your blog?


Wendy W